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What makes a person a mean human being?
Are they born this way? Does the toll of life make them become cynical. Maybe a disappointment along the way has created this disposition. Whatever the reason, they are miserable with themselves, unhappy and no light at the end of their dark tunnel.

Is there a difference between the negative individual and being mean? I ink there is. Some people are quick to show the darker side, forgetting about the good that resides in their lives. this negative energy flows like a virus from them to those around them.

Earlier this morning I gathered with a group of ladies to play a match of tennis. This would be the second meeting for my partner and I with the other two. My partner, a very kind soul, lovely person is most effected by one of the other ladies. This one lady, we’ll call her “T”, has the aurora of a darker cloud over her head. Literally when I look at her I see thunder clouds dancing around her. I’ve been in her presence prior to these two matches and the story is the same. T’s problem is the first word out of her mouth is either “I” or “my”. She doesn’t compliment anyone but herself. She starts her intro to you with a negative story of something or someone who has done her wrong. You say good morning, she chimes into her spill to each person that walks up. If you’re the first to arrive and 3 other people show up, she going to recite the same thing to each. If you try to change the story she steers you right back to her sadness. Woe is me!!!

I personally thinks she’s not getting any at home. No affection from the husband, no banging on those occasions. She lacks tenderness. Some women ooze tender feelings, T is the complete opposite. She’s not shy when you try to compliment her. She will tell you a story about her matching shoes with her skirt, matching her nail polish and her cooler. But hold on, because it will become a sad story about somebody doing something to her.

I usually sit or stand, whatever the case may be, and watch the scene unfold. If you could read the captions over my head, like a comic strip, you would see that I am one step ahead of T’s misery telling, plotting the course she’s going to take next. I say very little. Because I feel to entertain her with comments or questions, allows this negative flow to enter my bright sunny karma. Yellow and black makes purple on the color wheel. And the wheel of life purple is an odd color therefore it throws unbalance and chaos into one’s karma. The same goes for the tennis match. If you don’t buy into her constant chatter, her need to repeat the score loudly when she’s not serving is distracting.

My poor partner has not learned to shut her out. Because if she did, ther score and the match would have a completely different outcome. I tested this theory today. After we loss the first set, I walked up to my partner and said; “Can you shut her out? Not hear what she’s saying? But see her as a target? Hit your ball at her, make her back up or run? ” Well, we ran her ass! The she ran the less she talked! We actually won the second set, easily. I reminded her of the focus during the tie break and damn if we didn’t pull it out.

But oh my goodness! After the match, as we sat and chatted, the dark cloud grew, the storm brewed and the rain burst upon us. She began to dish on Sererna, how mean she was to win a match 6-0, 6-0 on a poor girl’s birthday. And she didn’t like her hair, she didn’t like her sister’s hair. It went on for 5 minutes of her dislikes.

Of course she was unhappy that she’d loss the match…would have probably been the same if she’d won. I try not to verbalized about those that I’d don’t like to play against because of their dark personalities. That shit will always come back and bite you in the ass. I revert to my poker face so as not to revel my true feelings. Once again being the Chameleon, I was born to be.

Women will stab you in the back without a second thought. And if you’re stupid enough to tell a women something you want to remain a secret…well that too will bite you in the ass. I’ve had many women over the years tell me someone else’s secret. When she starts the story with; “…don’t tell anyone…”, so and so did such and such. If she’s told you, trust me, you aren’t the first or you will not be the last. I’ve actually told so called secrets to those who have championed themselves as my “best friend” in order to see how true a friend they are. I’m still waiting for that bestie! I had a reputation in college as a man snatcher because a “best friend” repeated my so called secret and added her spin to the story. When I heard the story again I couldn’t stop giggling as it was repeated to me. It was made more hilarious because my bestie was standing next me, completely mortified. After I stopped laughing, I turned, gave her a look and walked off, never to utter a word to her again.

How dare you tell a friends secret. That’s mean. It’s self centered. It shows your dark cloud. If someone thinks enough of you to confide in you, how could you break that bond and repeat it? Its an act of a mean spirited person. You shouldn’t have to have pledged the priesthood in order to maintain silence for a friend.

If I had a hundred dollar bill for every secret I’ve been told, I’d be a millionaire. I’m not perfect, by no means. I feel a secret that is told to you should remain that…a secret. Unless of course the person tells his or her secret to another and another…