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I’m often worried about things I say and if the person has misinterpet what I’ve tried to convey.  I replay the scene over in my mind after it’s said and done. I’ve been told that I am way, too hard on myself. I am a Libra by nature, but I am also a pragmatic person, which totaly defies a Libria’s inability to make a decision.  I look at things from both sides and I’m fair in my assesments. But I also make decisions and once they’re made they are virtually in stone. I yield vary rarely.

Except, like most people I strive to be thought of in a well sense, a positve being, a person who cares. I do bite my tongue often as not to hurt anothers feelings. Only the mean people know my wrath. I do faulter when it comes to intent and perception. Which is why I replay those conversations over and over until I’m convenced that what I said came across as it was meant to be. And when I feel an error has been made, I plot a course to rectify the incorrect perception.

I am very good at reading ones body language. When I’m around new people I am somewhat quite, in the background in order to read the body language before I contribute to what is being said. I know when a person is uncomfortable around another, when a person has no clue of what is around them…Then there’s the self indulged individual who is not listening to the other person(s), because they are too busy forming what they plan to say next. This dim witted individual will ask the same question at least twice and will say; “…nice to meet you…” Each time they see you.  These folks I am quick to tell them we’ve met before at least a couple of times, just to see the blank look on their face. At that moment they’re trying to figure out what was said, what is it they should already know. It’s histerical!

So I play the game, the replay. Sometimes things are said in just…mistaken, misinterpeted.  My goal is to be understood. To be thought of well and let that be my legacy.

“No man is an island…” (unknown)