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Heading out for an errand, earlier in the week during the morning rush hour. I was XMSrius channel surfing, ran across a national radio talk show. The topic was How to Feel Better About Yourself.
The way to do this is by cheating. Not at cards or a board game, but with someone other than your spouse or significant other. A recent survey indicates that instead of people feeling bad about cheating on their spouse or significant other, they are adpt to feel better about themselves.

I suppose in retrospect this can have a positive benefit on your ego feeling wanted or desired. Certainly this ego high is a momentary feeling. Why not go for the gusto when the moment arises? You may never pass that way again. The opportunity may never present itself, the timming may never be just right again.

One night stands are an example of going for it. Not worrying about the reprocussions or what tomorrow will bring. That’s probably the best sex ever. You’re in the moment, you’ve got the feeling, you’re ready to peak. Who knows when you’ll feel this sexy again?

Paramours are a part of the European culture. Americans being purtanicals have shunned the idea of extra marital affairs, swingers, spouse swapping. Even though you may not agree with these lifestyles, you secretly have to admire the couple that swings or swaps openly. Here are two people that are secure in their relationship to enjoy a third of fourth person for sex. It’s pure sex for the sake of organsm. There’s no call me tomorrow expectation. Or when will I see you again. True a little different with a paramour, but there is open knowledge that one or both will part each other for days or weeks and live a life with their perseptive spouse, until such time they meet to have sex again.

Then there are the sex clubs…a different animal all together. And since my time is short I’ll save this subject for my next visit to the keyboard. But before I go I want to say; having sex for the sake of sex can be soul cleansing. America needs to lighten up…live and let live. WE humans are wired to have sexual feelings, urges, desires and being just plain horny…some more than others.

So the next time you need to feel better…consider cheating.