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I am struck by a quote I came across this morning.
‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.’
`Audrey Hepburn
It’s amazing how you may think of something being impossible to do, to achieve, to make happen…putting your mind to it will usually remedy the task. I am working so hard to be a better player…tennis player. I’m fortunate enough to have been invited to be apart of a team that has accomplished much. I’m not just the new girl, but a rookie to boot. This makes it a steep uphill battle for me mentally.
Of course I try to tell myself I would not have been invited by the team captain to be apart of this illustrious group if I had not shown some sort of tennis porousness. I’ve played this sport completively for a measly 4 years, 6 years total. Yet I suppose I’ve accomplished a lot for a rookie, division champs 4 times (3 different teams at 2 levels). If you had told me, last year this time, that I’d be in the midst of preparing for Sectionals, I would have laughed you out of the room.
But yet, here I am. Exhausted today after four consecutive days of tennis. Nine sets and two ninety minute clinics.  SHOOT ME NOW, SOMEBODY PLEEZE!!! All in the name of improvement. Next week won’t be as gruesome, but it will be tough, especially since I know how tired I’ll be by next Thursday. 
Nothing is impossible. I’ve gone from not being on a team to being on a top ranked team who knows what it’s like to head to Nationals, three time zones away. And it’s entirely possible we can do it again. And this time with me in tow.  It’s also possible that I will be a great asset  wining my court at Sectionals. It’s also possible that I will no longer be viewed as the rookie.  Yep I’m possible…I will drag my ass out on Sunday afternoon and begin my week as I did this past Sunday playing tennis with high caliber players who will give me a run for my money and by some possibility I will win some games and maybe even take a set or two or three. I will sweat my ass off at my clinics running drills and smacking a tennis ball for ninety minutes. I will end the week, Friday and Saturday, running 5 miles each morning at predawn, walking 3 miles in the afternoon and trying not to eat comfort foods like ice cream, cookies and chips.
I can do this!  It’s not impossible. I’m possible!