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I’d like to blog more often. It’s been my goal to do so once a day. But I have failed at this miserably.  This whole thing is a prelude to writing this novel that I’ve got rattling around in my head. It’s a solid story, one that hasn’t been done before. I hold it near and dear and haven’t breathed a word of the plot or the story line to a soul. So for now I’ll continue to express things about life that most people are appalled by.
What is it about sex that drives people to do crazy things. Women who forbid their husbands, boyfriends from watching porn on a screen are boarder line psycho. It’s a screen for heaven’s sake. He’s sitting at home! Let me say that again…sitting at home!!!  What harm can that be? How can the poor guy get into trouble sitting in his abode?  Maybe if you watched a little with him you may feel more in the mood.  I get that women in general aren’t ordinarily in the mood and when they are it’s a fleeting moment. And what is wrong with giving the man you love a blow job?  There’s nothing sexier, to a man, than his woman wanting to give him a blow job.  That’s how you keep him home…happy. It’s that simple.  So if it turns you off (ladies), suck it up and make it sexy. You’ll be surprised at how much your life will change, for the better.
But guys here’s a few tips to make it more conducive for your woman to love your love thang.  Keep it fresh!!!  Really, you need to keep it super clean and fresh. Hair removal is a plus. Hair holds odor. And if she’s not into swallowing, don’t push it. And if she’s done, she done. Some women don’t have the knack and aren’t familiar with relaxing the jar for longevity. And fellows don’t get carried away, she’s not a blow up dolly, keep the pumping to a soft stroke. The softer, the slower, the better for her, especially if she’s new at it. If she’s willing to give it a go…give her a break.
Ladies. It’s all in the jaw and the lips. Saliva helps…not too much, just enough to lubricate and keep thing smooth. A good thing to help keep the jaw from tiring is play with the tip. Long licks are good to break the stroking and help the jaw.  If the testicles are clean and appealing, give them some attention, too. Some women can stroke to the back of the throat. This is tricky and takes a little skill. The more you relax the jaw, the palate opens and the tip of the penis will slide into the throat.  Careful!  This may cause an explosion. 
Yeah, I’m one of those who enjoy blow jobs as foreplay…call me crazy, but it’s what I do.