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It’s Sunday…I did my pre dawn run along the ocean. I’ve got about five more weeks to see the sun rise over the ocean’s horizon. For now, as the days get shorter, the dawn takes longer, I run out and back in the dark. It’s not so bad, I get to deepen my thoughts, lengthen my strides, especially as I cross the bridge over the inlet. In the distance I can see tiny lights of freighters and every now and again the gaudy lights of a cruise ship. The wind was from the north, my run out was refreshing, delightful, making  me yearn for the winds of winter chill. I’m prone to run longer, further in the winter. It’s like a religion. I look forward to Sundays, avoiding late night activities on winter Saturdays. I go deeper into thought as my breathing increases and feel that I can run forever.
This morning I was drawn to think about those guys that I’ve been with, run through…take your pick.  I guess in a way I could be called a barracuda, a black widow of sorts. I look at life this way; DO IT WHILE YOU CAN, THE OPPORTUNITY MAY NOT PRESENT ITSELF TOMORROW…AS TOMORROW NEVER COMES. Each event has been encountered this way and it’s proven to have been a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I thought about my relationship with the admiral and his wife. Sounds like a book title!  And a story book adventure it was.  The wife was into sharing her illustrious sailor with another. She was a persnickety woman, very selective about whom would be allowed into their world. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and she was in the mood to inquire, which I thought was kind of gusty. We greeted, they asked to share my table and the conversation took on a life of it’s own. She was curious about my education, my lifestyle and what I was in to and whom was I with, when was I last with someone and if I’d ever consider being with a woman. She danced around several subjects but the final chapter to the inquisition was geared to her personal wants and desires.  The admiral was already in to me, full of admiration and compliments.
We met a couple more times for drinks and dinner at upscale places. Talked about the stock market, world crises, religion and politics. On our second dinner at a well-known Italian restaurant, a friend and his wife came in to have dinner and I was politely but carefully introduced. The admiral’s wife was a little nervous at first, but I’m a lady of class, I was charming, polite and engaging to the wife, all but completing ignoring the husband.  This was a gold star moment for the wife. Once the couple was seated at their table on the other side of the room, she squealed with delight and he grinned from ear to ear.  I was the perfect lady for them and they were eager to pick a weekend that we could spend together at their county estate.
Our first weekend together got off to a slow start…but once the fire started burning it was a week-end to remember.  Me with her, he watched, me with him, her giving me cunnilingus while I performed my best fellatio on him…her breast were large and milky white with pink auroras. She loved having them sucked and slightly nibbled…her labia was always swollen with desire, moist with want. I always gave her great attention to her orgasm before I’d turn my attention to the anxiously awaiting admiral. During our fourth weekend together, we started out in their steam sauna. I bent over, rubbed my butt against his excited cock…it was their turn to devour me in every way, which they did.
Yes, my run this morning was very satisfying…