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It’s been a fast week, already past hump day, heading into Friday. Thursdays are like a lull. You’re over the hump but not quite at the end, one more day ’til is a done week.
Tennis was great, yesterday. It may be call lunch league, not as point ranking as USTA League, but competitive just the same. The ladies often car pool when we’re visiting an away club. This in itself is very friendly, easy going, not big deal if you’re a minute late, unlike USTA League in which time is of the essence. We arrive, full of laughter, meeting and greeting those we know and those we just meet. The lunch menu is presented and we gleefully decide on what to eat after the matches, thus “Lunch League”. It’s all so friendly, until the first toss for the initial serve into the opponents court. Things change, the air cools, the smiles dissipate. We get down to business as our reputations are at stake, our clubs name is on the line and we must win all courts to return home as victors.  After tennis, things return to normal, so to speak…those who have loss are somewhat dumb struck and somewhat silent…it’s amazing that we can even call this fun tennis, but we manage to do so and are gracious winners, complimenting our host on a wonder meal, being such great players and thank you for your wonderful hospitality…until we meet again, at which point we gather to our appointed vehicles and head home. Yes, it was a great day we won all 5 courts in flying colors…who do we play next week?
I on the other hand having been a bit more of a rover, not having lived in a box, so to speak, was familiar with the area that the country club was located. I had been to a home on the water in the neighborhood several years ago to a party.  It was a “key party” a private gathering of liked minded couples and single ladies.  The property of the house was gated, very private, pool, pool house, all of the amenities one would expect for the neighborhood.  Men dressed in slacks and polo shirts. Women dressed in low cut, back out, no bra sundress and commando (if you get my drift).  The music is piped throughout the house by a very talented DJ. As the booze flowed the evening heated to a roaring fire. People swimming, lounging by the pool, hanging around laughing and chatted about carnal events and adventures. Wondering who’ll get to go home with whom.  Most had already secured a motel room with ice and libations awaiting. But the keys were the prelude of the evening. Upon entering the house, earlier in the evening, each person was required to put a key they’d received with their invitation into a pre printed envelope and drop this envelope into the slot of the locked box sitting on a table. Some would be host and others would be guest. The host would blindly select an envelope and the guest would be their fun for the night. On this particular evening I was chosen by a couple who would prove to be a lot of fun, because I was the lucky guest of the owners of the house.  As the others began to group off as the keys were selected, mulling their way to the door, I wandered to the back, out by the pool and removed the only piece of clothing I had on, my sun dress, and sauntered into the pool. The water was luke temp, but my nipples were made to stand erect, not so much because of the water, but probably excited for my good fortune.  She was a large woman, but very well groomed, he was tall with piercing blue eyes, salt and pepper hair and was well endowed.  We played in the water for a while, she liked to watch and she did as he had his way with my breast, his long fingers sliding in and out of my wet vagina, I was ready and wanted him…his wife joined us, going down on him while he played with my ever so wet clean shaven lips. My fingers found her soft plump breast and gave each of them the attention they deserved.  Then she pulled out this large penis looking dildo, turned it on and inserted it into her vagina. She moaned with delight and told her husband to enter me…as he did, she began to give him direction on how fast to slide his warm very firm cock in and out of my wet vagina. My clit was hard and wanted to be touched, I tried to reach for it, but she moved over, pushed my hand away and she began to rub it for me, the 3 of us exploded at the same time….the night was far from over.
Isn’t is nice when you don’t live in a box, go to a place and have such fond memories?