Heading off to Sectionals early in the morning. The competition will be formidable. WE (team) are ready and hope to be victorious…win this weekend takes us to AZ in the spring. It’s an exciting time!!
And when the weekend is all said and done. Sunday night is the premier of Master of Sex. It’s about the couple who spurned the sexual revolution of the sixties. I’ve read the book, read the karmasutra, read Henry and June. All great reads, informative, educational, but a series on the couple who broke all the barriers, made it okay for women to masturbate…no more hysteria for the lonely spinster.
I’m not your average American female. Sex isn’t a dirty word. It’s a word…it describes an gender an action of two people. And if I had more time, I’d go into great detail, but I’ve got a list of things to do and folks to meet for drinks and dinner, not to mention a pre dawn Saturday morning…TGIF!!  Enjoy ShowTimes Master of Sex. And ladies open your mind, let go and enjoy!!