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Tis the season to be jolly…

If we’re honest with ourselves, which we rarely are, we’d see that between the middle, or in this case the last week in November, and the very first day of the new year, we openly…freely…over extend ourselves. We eat, drink and commit a lot of merriment. There are office parties, friends having parties, we throw a party. All to eat…most importantly drink to excess…most of us anyway.  There are a lot of morning afters, for one reason or the other. The walk of shame is common during these celebrated weeks. I’ve found that going out to an office party can lead to big trouble with a capitol “F”. Getting carried away with the evening’s festivities, there’s always someone there who’ll strike the libido and there’s no stopping the libido when there’s a free flowing of alcohol.


Two things to make the evening a fun night and a better morning;

I pack a pair of jeans, a shirt, a pair of flats, make-up remover, a tooth brush and I eat something before I head out, nothing too, heavy but nutritious. 


I stay away from the obnoxious drinkers, as the evening progresses they’ll become the touchy feely ones and the word no, stop, please don’t, will en sense them to create a scene. This isn’t limited to gender specific.  Women can be just as obnoxious as men, probably more so. It may be wise to make sure the hot guy in the corner is not only wearing a wedding band, but is in fact a hot guy in the corner because he did come alone.  But be on the look out for the girl whose had her eye on him since last year’s holiday gala…she’s dressed for him tonight, she’s poked and prodded all year to find out his favorite color, what scents he prone to and the ones he’s not.  She’s gonna be super pissed if you show up and the hot guy in the corner has the hott’s for you. Can you say; CAT FIGHT!!!!!  This can also apply to guys…change the gender and you’ve got a parking lot brawl. And guys I have to say; it’s sooooo sexy when y’all get to tussling and knocking heads like wild mountain rams. It’s so civilized; you remove your jackets and watches and go for it. 


Yes. Tis the season to be jolly! 


If you must make out in the ladies room…please check your hair and makeup for it’s proper form…mascara-raccoon eyes and puffy bed hair is a dead give away that you’ve just given it away in the potty. Guys, please check your face for lipstick! Ladies tend to wear a heavier than usual smear to combat the loss of color while snacking and drinking. Nothing says; I just got a piece of pune-tang in the potty, like you wear the latest lip co lour.  And ladies, unless you plan to share…do it in the ladies room, men don’t understand that you’re only in there to give it up to the guy that’s banging you back up against the bathroom stall’s door.  There may…just maybe be a line forming on the other side while you’re moaning and groaning.  This is a sure fired combination, moaning, groaning, rhythmic pounding and alcohol for a man’s penis to come to life…guys have a difficult enough time taking a leak when their cock is hard as a rock…relief becomes the priority and the word no is mute to the cock’s ears.  Yes, I said cock’s ears…the little head is in full control at this space in time and the big head that houses the ears is not with us…it’s there, you can see the ears and the head, but they are not in control.


In case anyone’s interested, my favorite place is a parking lot!  The colder the better! I never said I wasn’t freaky. If you thought that…that’s your fault. A dark spot between two cars…a quickie of some sort…depends on my mood, actually. There are times…plenty of times that I get off on giving and after all it is the holidays…a festive holiday party…fellatio is often my gift of choice. Yoga allows me to stoop…bend to the perfect position for optimum rhythm and deep thrusting. And make sure there are no camera’s in eye shot.


Panty hose are a big no, no. Too restrictive, cumbersome for removal and putting back on…there are other remedies if you must wear hose. Ladies, just so you’ll know, there ain’t nothing sexy about panty hose…I believe some prude invented them to keep her locked down and hard to reach. A man can’t cop a feel with those damn things guarding your vajay-jay…Tis the season…Enjoy one and all!

Please enjoy responsibiltly