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Facing the final day of twenty-thirteen, I’m trying not to get sentimental about the past twelve months.  I’ve done some really great things, made some solid decisions and optimized my goals. There are some not so good things, as well. 


Using my head;

I begin this blog…no I haven’t been consistent with my postings. Time hasn’t been on my side and then the subject matter, trying to be creative, entertaining and interesting has been a challenge. I’ve written about my experiences and that has made the act of  putting the thoughts into sentences a lot easier. 


I remodeled my kitchen this past year. I’m pleased with my creative results. It wasn’t easy, living without a kitchen sink, a garbage disposal, a dishwasher, stovetop and an oven.  A tiny dorm room refrigerator and a microwave made me create new ways of eating. Gallon jugs of water allowed me to enjoy my morning coffee…something no one would want to see…me without my morning cup of coffee. Then there’s the dust, the noise, the fuss, the strangers looming about. I don’t know who suffered more. Me or my two, very large, very protective, stuck in their way of a daily routine German Shepherds, who at times would look at me and clearly wonder…WHAT THE FUCK!!

So I compromised, with daily trips to doggie daycare, even when I had no appointments or tennis matches.  My tennis suffered greatly. My league record was awful, embarrassing to a point that I knew when the new ratings were published that I’d get kicked back a level.  But the tennis poopas held me in their favor, I loss an alphabet. If you know anything about tennis ratings you’ll know that wasn’t, too bad. Yes, “the odds were ever in my favor”!  I did learn that focus is just as important as reading the other side of the net. Focus provides accuracy, something I lacked the entire spring league season. 

So now that the house is back in order, I’ve got new toys in the kitchen and the Shepherds are back in their groove, I expect to kick some big ass in spring of twenty-fourteen.


I paid cash for all my holiday gifts and celebrations. No January blues for this gal. I didn’t over indulge in food or drink this year. Yay!  I’ll be able to zip my skinny girl jeans next month. 


I made some new friends (females) during the year…seems like they’ll be long lasting.  We’ve got several things in common and that always helps. 



Not using my head, reacting with my heart;

Lordy, somebody shoot me now!  I’m still taking calls from my police detective former serious relationship boyfriend. If you’ve followed my blog you’ll recall the heart breaking story. Why I continue to pick up the phone…no solid reasoning…I’m boarder line, teetering on the edge telling myself, NO, I’m not (purposefully)  stringing him along to tug at his heart…at the right moment pulling the cord at just the moment to break it…not admitting that, but clearly I’m doing something. I’ve convinced myself I’ll jump off this fence when I’m 100% about what it is I’m doing…til then I continue to answer.  I have promised to visit…It’s my normal flight south during the unbearable cold season here. Only this time I’m taking my four legged, fur covered BFFs…no over night stays…no unexpected overnight company.


There’s the gawd awful email I sent. I told a former beau/friend that I’d rarely had an orgasm while with him. I thought he was a cheap ass SOB who wasn’t’ that great in bed. It was a douzzy of a letter, fueled by anger. Enough! I was over his warped thinking that I was a last minute phone call when he was bored or was feeling horny…wanting a good lay. I gave this guy hellova blow jobs…some of my best work. He didn’t appreciate the “friends with benefit” relationship. He’d call to say he wanted to come by…go out for a casual meal & drink, not really a date. If I was available with nothing planned, I’d meet him at a restaurant; always paid for my drink and meals…I never called him or expected him to pay. We were friends after dating a few years ago, for a short period, nothing serious.  The last time he called, he rudely didn’t show up nor did he have the graciousness to call.  I had a drink and then order a salad at the bar…left when I finished. I gave it great thought and even waited a full 24 hours before I hit “send”.  Had I been thinking with my head, sans emotion, I would have called him and left a voice mail.


What the future holds;

I resolve not to make resolutions for twenty-fourteen. Nothing promised, nothing to regret.


Happy New Year y’all!