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broken heart 2

Celebrating the Hallmark day in style…


Everything is assumed on the Hallmark day; one you’ve got a Valentine and two your Valentine wants to shower you with chocolates, flowers and a romantic meal.


While looking through the Hallmark moments in the Hallmark store, I noticed there weren’t any “anti-Valentine’s Day” cards. You’d think they, Hallmark would consider the person who didn’t have a Valentine, who didn’t want to celebrate this day, who just plain ol’ was anti on romance and spending money; the Valenscrooge.

money sign

Let’s examine this Valenscrooge, for a moment. First of all, I’m confused on the whole tradition. Does the guy give to the girl? Or is it a reciprocal thing? For discussion sake, let’s say; guy to girl [mainly].  So being a guy, to be a Valenscrooge, you’ve probably had your heart broken a couple of times or more…certainly been cheated on by a vixen.  Can you blame him for not wanting to date or have a mate during the weeks leading up to happy hearts day? He could also be the guy that’s still making those hefty payments for that fabulous December holiday gift [where it be] a watch, ring or trip. Or in an extreme case, he’s the guy whose run out of good gifts, has done every kind of chocolate know to man, brought enough roses to own a florist and is over the romantic meal that takes a few month to pay off on his credit card…you have to feel his pain in all of this.  And if he’s in a long term relationship…when does it end and if he stops you know for sure the whole thing will end badly, because let’s face it; women don’t usually forget when the guy falls into Valenscrooge. It’s likened to the scarlet letter “C” for a man, CHEAP!


So I ask in all seriousness; HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THE HALLMARK DAY WOULD LAST IF THE WOMAN HAD TO EQUALLY RECIPRACATE??  December and birthday aside, when have you heard of a girl going all out for her guy on Valentine’s Day?  Most will buy a card; give a little head & coitus at the apogee of the romantic dinner. Not to say there are none, but they are far a fewer women that; buy flowers, give precious metals & stones and pick up the tab for a romantic meal.


I will bet hard Vegas money that the person at Hallmark that created this Hallmark day, Valentine, was a woman. In essence Valentine’s Day is a day for guys to celebrate women, their woman, to pay homage to them for being their other better half.


I say belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Valenscrooges of the world, who’ll still get laid without having spent a fortune on flowers, chocolates and candle lit meals.


Disambiguate February 14th…get your guy something special next year.