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I’ve been way too busy to devote any time to my blog. Between stroking out chapters, being a creative force, captain of a spring league team of 13 ladies, how and when could I bring the goods to this site, in the manner that I’m accustomed. Something had to yield and this fell into the void.
I’m here today and will not promise tomorrow or even the day. So let’s get started!!!
I last talked about being kicked to the curb…being played by love is daunting and painful.
Falling in love is the one emotion a human cannot control. We may be the brightest and the smartest among the living creatures, but when it comes to falling for someone, love has it’s own agenda and the heart wants what the heart wants. You know its’s disaster, but you’re not in control; heart-1, common sense-0!
Playing tennis with a partner over time provides for confessional moments. My partner has been distracted for the past couple of weeks and our scores reflect her diversion. So I finally asked; ” girl what is going on with you?!”
First lesson; never ask a question if you’re not prepared for the answer or in this case the explosion of tears and sobbing. In spite of the quivering lip, blowing the nose, sniffling…I pieced together that her married man-friend was or is having a fling with another woman. That’s easily solved; walk away! Chow! Sayonara! Au revoir! And duh! He’s married, he’s screwing around on his wife, why would you think for a minute he’d be loyal, faithful to you?? Ding! Ding! He’s a cad, in a really big way and those spots ain’t gonna change.
Okay, let it be known I’m a glutten for punishment; asking how did she find out, the wife cheater was cheating on his piece on the side? “He told me.” STFU!!! He told you?!! Is he wanting to end the relationship and being a bigger cad, doing it this way? No, she responded…I put on my best poker face for what came next. He wasn’t going to call her from his cell for awhile, because the lady’s husband has found out and is going to the news media (apparently Mr Cad is a big mucky mucky in the finance world-scandal be damn) and there may be a look into his phone records, for her protection, he doesn’t want her number to be on his bill. STFU!! Really?!! So he was calling from his office phone to let her know that he’ll be MIA for a week or so, ’til this blows over.
She’s heart broken. She misses him. Really, he’s done her a favor, but who am I to judge. Clearly her heart is invested in this cad and her common sense has gone on vacation to Margaritaville. Not sure what to say, I continue to listen. The wife, received a call from the other woman’s husband informing her of the shenanigans of his wife with her husband. There are receipts from a hotel and air travel, restaurant charges on a credit card.
“Here?” I finally ask, interrupting.
No. Miami, late March-early April. STFU!!! They have traveled to the hottest vacay spot for lovers on the east coast!! Spent the night as a couple, in the same bed, shared a bathroom and all the entails!!! STFU!!! I’m about to bust! Do I tell her the obvious? He’s got another and he MOVED on when they boarded a plane to go salsa dancing in South Beach.
I say to her; “Think about this, look outside of yourself, put your heart in check and bring your common sense back from the Conch Republic. If you were his only, minus the wife, technically he’s cheated on you with another on a over nighter. You have to see this. If it were me (and I truly hate using that term), I’d let him call and I wouldn’t answer…emails, text, knocks on my door…be done with this cad!!! He’s a serial fornicator. Buy yourself a cute sexy dress, head over to the wine bar, have a glass or two…flirt your heart out. Let the guys tell you how great you look, bask in it…maybe have sex in the bathroom, call a cab and go home alone. Trust me you’ll feel better in the morning.
Serial fornicators or smooth operators, they know what to say in any situation, will tell you everything you want to hear at the perfect moment and they are pros when it comes to a sob story complete with tears.
I need my partner back…tennis ain’t fun when you’re not kicking ass on the courts.