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Here’s fair warning. If you’re trolling adult websites, I’m on a couple…okay a few. I’m just being my ol’ self by being up front, open and honest.


Well, I’m doing it for a couple of personal reasons, mainly I’m curious. I’ve been to adult clubs, adult parties, key parties, weekend parties…but never have I trolled the internet websites were guys vie for your attention for chat, meet & greets and eventually a romp in the sack.

I’m not lonely, I’m actually taking a break from “being involved” coupled with plans or weekend activities with him and friends. So, it felt like a natural progression to put it out there and see what comes back…one site very sophisticated. I was pleasantly surprised by their format and how protected you are. Of course the guys still card blanc their phone numbers and email addresses right off the bat. The photos are “wow” I’m really not ready to see that!!! Some expect instant results and why not! You’re a female posting on an online adult site and the ultimate objective is sex. Then there’s the guy who takes the road less travel with the “let’s get to know each other and hope for a genuine connection…” Okay, it’s sweet and all that, but I gotta ask myself, how many times has he written that spill? It’s probably on a note program and all he has to do is cut and paste…allowing him to initiate contact to several.

A few servicemen. They’re tempting!!! They’re tied to a rigorous schedule, out to sea or out of the country. But they are serving our country and no sense playing mind games…as tempting as it is, they are off limits. Then there are the cops…yeah, my apparent weakness based on my past performance. I do have to wonder if they’re really cops. Those I may probe for authenticity.

So, there you have it!! Stay off the adult sites, I’m trolling and taking no mercy. Not sure how long I’ll indulge myself…there’s a big party coming up in ___ weeks, that may divert my attention.

Next week is my blogging anniversary…I’m committed to blog more often-yes have said that before…but I’m going to do better. They may be shorter, but there’ll be something.