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new moon 7

When we last we spoke I mentioned having joined an online site for meeting men. The site is specifically designed for women, it’s free but has a fee for men. You’re given a choice of displaying photos for public or private viewing.  There’s also a choice of mask or cross overs for the face in order conceal your full identity, yet give the viewer an idea of what you look like.

It was a ovewhelming task to keep up. The site became confusing with all the points of interest that men where able to contact you; private keys, private photo request, direct letters of introduction all with their own photos and profiles. I decided to trim it down to weekly perusing and creating a separate email account for the ones that I felt were interesting. Oy Vey!! Even that became a task unto itself. These guys expect, no strike that, they demand daily attention, some want to communicate several times a day. I ask you; Who has that kind of time during the day to want to email a stranger several times?  I took note that most of these strong request for email exchange were dated during the day hours, very few had night-time send times.  So these so-called lonely men, who were touting a single status, were probably married or had a significant other.

I made changes to my online profile; looking for married couples, opened minded, comfortable relationship…I can watch, be involved with one or both…whatever makes you most comfortable…prefer experienced couples, may consider first timers.  It’s fall, it’s been my experience that swinging couples like to get cozy when the leaves began to change and fall from the trees. It’s the crisp air, the onset of fire pitts, glasses of hot tardy or a robust glass of wine and chatter around the fire.

Couples are a funny thing. There’s the initiator, and the go along. It’s the go along  you must be concerned with and give him or her your undivided attention and make them, him or her, feel like they are the most precious or special person in the group. They’re excited about the prospect of being with another, a threesome or having their spouse watch or watching, but doing the do is a bird of a different colour. Porn is probably as close to seeing sex as they’ve ever been.  I usually ask that as my first question; How often do you watch porn? Is there something specific you’ve seen that you’d like to experience?  Most often if the woman is the initiator, it’s going to happen and happen more than once. If it’s the man, you’ve got a little work to do, just short of convincing. I stop when it turns into convincing. If you have to be cajoled into doing a threesome, then you’re not up for it, it’s not for you, and guaranteed to end if not badly, but on a sour note. Sex is supposed to be fun, fulfilling, enjoyed, exciting…anything other than that is bad karma.

I set my profile and headed off to the USOpen. And as the old saying goes; You always find what you’re looking for, when you’re not looking. A couple; her early 50’s, him early 60’s, located within a decent driving distance, tennis players, good shape, comfortable in their relationship and wanting to spice it up…Call me spice…

The Open was a get acquainted, our schedules haven’t allowed for dining and entertaining, as of yet…ten, four dinner and fun.

Fall blogging is going to be an

eotic ride…Libras love fall, it’s their time of the year.