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I lose track sometimes…Did I mention that I had a profile on an online site?  I did, you probably don’t remember.  It’s not a match site, or a looking to find my soul mate kind of site, it’s for those who are looking to have affairs. Or as I like to call them dalliances.

I’ve been through some mail!! A ton of it. Apparently the use of the wording; “…nothing gets me hotter, wetter than performing fellatio.”  I sorta buried that at the end and yet it was the hot topic of the responses.  The site has the usual list of boxes to check and within each section of ;the what I’m looking for, what I like, it allows you to expound on your wants and needs.  I didn’t check hardly any of the boxes, as they were too broad and kinda geeky. I did, however, make good use of the narratives-they gave you plenty of word space.

I was precise and made it known, in as plain as I could, what I was looking for. I held nothing back. Well…maybe a little thing or two, I kept from the narratives.  And just to make it interesting and tantalizing, I checked the box; “Attached female seeking male. Photos (of course) were recommended. There were a variety of mask you could use to disguise your face. I chose a gold regal mask and a recent selfie. Adding it to the profile, satisfied that everything was ready for publishing, I clicked Post Profile and left the site.

The mail poured in!!  It’s amazing what one little sentence can do to peek a gentlemen’s interest.  There are 5 that I’m exchanging emails with.  I’ve started them out slow…nothing too kinky, too soon. Their first question, naturally; Do you really enjoy giving blow jobs?  Yes, I responded. I enjoy feeling a man’s penis grow in my mouth, becoming hard…moving slowly, increasing my motion, listening as he moans in de-lite.   Two wanted to know if I swallowed. Oh please! A lady never kisses and tells!

The mail continues to pour in daily. I check the site once a week. I am amazed by the sheer numbers.  There are hundreds if not thousands of horny guys who just want to get a little on side, preferably something more than missionary sex. For the most part they’re seeking adventure sex, kinky sex and seem to want to do anything to get it.  I’ve had some experience with BDSM. The retired admiral and his wife, were submissive and the orgasms were mind-boggling. (I’ll save them for another day)  BDSM, is not for the faint of heart, but it can be sexual awakening.  Even the lightest forms; a pair of handcuffs, a blind fold, lite spanking, ice cubes can be tantalizing.  For now I’m enjoying the email exchanges…Should I chose one?  Maybe two to explore with?

heels and cuffs