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Here we go! Self centered, self absorbed Americans passing judgement on something they are absolutely clueless about. If I sound irate, I am.

These are people that think if you’re on all fours and enjoy intercourse, use a butt plug, perform fellatio, you are deeply perverted. The only way…sorry the correct way to enjoy an orgasm is to lie on your back and spread your legs. WTF!!! No doubt, that too, is a submissive posture. He’s on top, in control and will probably cum first. Geeez! Get a gripe maidens.

How about try it, before you diss it?

There is a group of, probably horny-haven’t had a decent lay since-forever, bitches. They are urging that people need to boycott the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and donate your ticket money to a woman’s abuse charity. The movie, according to these obsessed possessed, holier than thou angels, is promoting violence against women.

Read the book! There’s no abuse. There are, consenting adults who partake in a form of sexual pleasure that has been around since the Romans. Hello, holier than thou bitches, men are also portrayed as submissive in the book. More to the point, there’s an entire community of D/S.

How about you refocus, holier than thou…Talk about the undercurrent story about an abused child…a pimp and a crack whore.

I blog, because I can. I blog about sex, about my ability to enjoy pleasing a man and his wife because it’s I do. It’s called free speech. I’m not abused because I get really turned on when I feel a mans cock grow in my mouth-that’s some powerful shit! Or when I bring his wife to the mind blowing brink of her happy place and let him finish it. She’s a happy wife when it’s all said and done. Three consenting satisfied adults.

The great hard nose society needs to live and let live. If Fifty Shades…is not your thing, don’t go to see it. I’m sure Disney has something out for you to enjoy your Valentines Day weekend with your significant other.

I feel better…my hearts weekend is going to be mind boggling.