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check mate

I’m fortunate to have 3 invites for Valentine’s Weekend. All 3 invites for 3 days. From snow capped mountains to sunny beach in a tropical setting. Who knew, being a lone wolf would have so many benefits. It wasn’t an easy decision to go it alone. And it was even more difficult to decide which invitation to accept. But as I weighted my options, my thoughts fell upon the woman who has no invite, has had no promise of intimacy for months, even years.

Some women have put themselves on the shelf. They’re meticulous about everything, from where he works, how he walks, what he says…the list is endless. Having this gruesome thought of oblivion, I decided to seek answers to the question of why and how does this happen?

Men seem to have an easier time of getting a lay, having sex, getting a blow job, even without paying for it. It seems there is small segments of society (women) that are okay with casual sex, who don’t worry about how much he’s worth, how he walks…These women have a sex drive. Ah-Ha!!!  Therein lays the key to the why and how a woman can end up without sexual intimacy for months into years. The lack of drive and even denial of wanting it, feeling a need for it becomes a burden of chains. I spoke to one woman who says; “…just don’t think about sex anymore. I look at as something that other people do. It’s been sometime now and I figure it’s not for me anymore”



Not for you? Sex, engaging in sexual satisfaction is no different than eating, drinking water. The body needs food to sustain itself and water to hydrate. Otherwise we die. And without satisfying our sexual need a part of our soul dies. I’ve said this before; A virgin has no idea of they’re missing…but open that door, break that virginity and they’re going to want to have sex from then until the end.  Sex is not just about pro-creation, it’s a release of pheromones that make us feel better, relaxes us and it feels good to orgasm.  I don’t know a soul who’s had an orgasm that didn’t like how it made them feel. Masturbation is great! But there’s nothing like relinquishing control and enjoying the touch of another for a good ol’ orgasm.

So for all you ladies, who’ve given up on sexual satisfaction, get your ass back in the saddle. It’s that simple, like riding a bike. It’s Valentine’s Weekend you’ve got 3 whole days to find a friend FWB, bottle of courage, a sexy movie and engage your sex drive. You’ll be glad you did.

As for my invites, I chose the couple and snow capped mountain retreat. I’ll be her present…his present…and I’ll get to engage my sex drive.

Engage your sexual drive this weekend; find an old friend, a new friend. It’s hearts weekend…enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend            couple with hearts