The solitary thing in life that provides the soul with nourishment. It’s always there. It’s forever apart of our being. It gives us courage. It gives us power. It allows us to be proud. And at the same time it brings us to our knees. It can strip ones dignity. It can make a strong man weak. A rich man poor. Risk are synonymous, it’s the catalyst for altercations. 

Love is infinite. 

As babies we are born into a world loved by someone. A parent’s love will be the guiding measurement as a child grows and learns about life. A first love is exciting, breathe taking. A man in love will go through great lengths to captivate his heart’s desire. “It is better to have loved and lost…” 

Love is unmeasurable. 

The sayings; “I love you from the moon and back.”  “I love you more than I love myself…”  How much is a pound of love? You can’t choose your family-but you choose your spouse…’til death do you part. 


What is it like not to be loved? What happens to the soul? Does it die? Does the heart cease to beat? How do you stop believing in love?