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It’s Monday morning. Torrential rains have washed away the pollen build up from the great but sneezy weekend weather. I am grateful…grateful for many things.


Keeping It Simply Simple (KISS) during the weekend

I relented from from a not so healthy relationship. (Quite yay.)

I finally cleaned out, boxed unwanted items, from all my closets. (A result of stick-to-itness for relationship escape)

Rode my bike, predawn, in lieu of pressing myself to run my distance, after a nite of Downton Abbey binging (4 episodes) with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Reserved ($$$) & homemade pasta & salad w/homemade sauce & dressing. (My inner chef) Sans the candles, table cloth & fine china.

Sunday nite, I made my to do list of things to do, people to call, appointments to make…long list, lots to do. Veterinary appointment, spa day for her and a much needed spa day for me. Maybe I can convince the Vet to give me a quick physical…that’s kinda creepy, better not. Garden center buy 2 ornamental trees, the yard needs more color…write in one of your blogs, it’s been way, too long. Find my creative juices, start blogging regularly.

It’s Monday.