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Life is full of strange and sometimes wonderful nuances. Like the phrase; “…over the top”

His penis was over the top delicious! Or. He was over the top good at cunnilingus. Or. He wanted to screw all night! It was over the top good, but enough is enough. Heaven’s sake, what was he on?!!  Honestly, can you ever be over the top when it comes to sex???  But don’t go by me, I’ve got a high level of erotic desire. It doesn’t take a lot to get me there, but I can get there several times. Hmm…shit, maybe I’m over the top!!

Not everything is about sex. Or so I’ve been told repeatedly. I still don’t get that statement. Because I think just about everything we do is connected to our desire for sexual contact. Most prudent people who are open and relaxed about their erotica have at least one person they can call on when the well is dry-have no steady partner. FWB. Friends With Benefits. Some may consider this as being over the top. A person whose a friend, whom you know, will share a romp between the sheets with you because you’re horny and want to have sex.

So, back to my earlier statement. Name something that doesn’t have any connection with carnal desire.  When we are toddlers we had play dates with boy toddlers. No big deal. When we approached adolescence our contact with men was limited. As teens we were introduced to the separate locker room syndrome. Boys locker room and the girls locker room.  The boys made it their mission to get cock a peep into the girls locker room every chance they got. As the hormones raged our parents declared war on being separated from the opposite gender. They invented the chaperone. The chaperonne. The duenna. Designed to keep a youngsters ragging hormones in tact. To govern the actions and anti-sex solutions. As we got older and headed off to college and became more exposed to the opposite sex, we were given tools to keep safe. In other words; you’re not here, I can’t guard you 27-7, so here take these condoms and be sure to use them if you must travel down the road of carnal lust.  Then we went through the; I’m a virgin how do I get rid of this stigma?  You sought out the perfect penis to accomplish your goal. Then it’s on to finding that perfect soul mate who’ll want to spend the rest of their life with you–perfect as in good in bed. You find him, get married and have regular sex until the babies pop. Sex three times a week become three times a month…three times a year. And the frustrated husband heads out to find a FWB to take care of his needs. The wife finds out. You get divorced (hope that piece of ass was worth the child support and alimony). And now she’s alone, raising the children and he’s out chasing tail…broke, but what the fuck, a little pussy will make any man feel better. The ex is pissed because she’s gained a little weight having his children and feels insecure and ain’t got laid since she had a little too much to drink and had sex with her best friend’s brother…much younger brother. So, now the ex wife is hearing from her girlfriends that the ex husband was seen with a younger hot chick and she gets even more pissed and decides if he’s got less money he’ll be alone and lonely like her, so she drags his ass back to court for more child support. All because of sex.

Virgins have no clue about the overwhelming affects the body experiences when having an orgasm. But once you take a bite out of that apple, it’s a got to have it feeling. Can’t want you haven’t had.  Sex is the single most addictive experience a human being has.

A bunch of single guys, out at a bar. It’s human nature that springs into action when a group of women happen into the same bar. The mating ritual…I’ve seen alcohol loosen a lot of women’s inhibitions. That’s why there are steel partitions and doors in the ladies restrooms…so other can use the restroom while an inebriated woman is having sex in the next stall.

The mile high club. The backseat of a car. Doggie style in a dark corner of a parking garage The stop button on an elevator. Lookout points. Aqua intercourse. I know i’ve missed a few, but certainly you get the point. Certain foods are considered an aphrodisiac. We eat them.

People of all shapes, sizes, nationality have sex. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. And it ain’t over the top.