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There are many steps to intimacy. Kissing, however, is the flint that lights the fire. A touch may cause goose-bumps, a glance may cause a tightening in the belly. Kissing a nipple will harden it, make it want more. A kiss on the back of the neck will excite the groan. A man’s cock can become rock hard with a rub, but a kiss, an old fashioned, tongue searching, French kiss will make a man’s cock stir and become moist.

Masturbation, is a natural act. It’s done all the time. Some women refuse to admit they get horny and masturbate. Men, on the other hand, do it and admit it with pride. Everyone, that masturbates, has they’re favorite way of achieving the orgasm. Women mostly use toys, more often battery operated toys. Some men who enjoy a little extra stimulation may use a vibrating toy. Some, men and women, who are prone to anal orgasms, may use an anal vibrator. I have a FWB, who enjoys having his battery tool inserted just before he’s about to orgasm. It’s intense he says.


There are many ways of kissing to ignite a spark.

The first kiss is always special. Lips to lips, tongues searching, sparking the deep desire. Familiar kissing, knowing what the other likes, what turns them on, makes them hot for more. A women giving a blow job is a form of kissing. Of course there’s no doubt when a cunnilingus is performed, weather it be by a man or a woman on the soft vulva of a woman. Those lips become engorged with blood and swollen with desire and a need to be licked, sucked and yes, kissed.


A woman giving head is essentially kissing his cock with each stroke. If she’s really good at it, on each deepened down stroke the back of the throat is kissing his sensitive head, causing it secrete a clear liquid, that is pre orgasm juice.  I personally enjoy giving head. It turns me on to kiss a cock, making it rock hard. Although the 6-9 position is equal enjoyment, I’d rather get myself wet while I worked on throbbing cock and listen to him moan when I lick his balls.


While masturbating, you can squeeze your nipples, make them rock hard. Tease your cock or your clitoris, hump a pillow, use your shower head…And while masturbation can be satisfying, it lacks the ignition of a kiss.