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Now that the cat is out of the bag…Let’s see a show of hands for all of us who are on the website ASHLEY MADISON.

Having read the articles, it explains a lot. Here I thought I was a hot commodity, being pursued by many men, some too, good to be true, mind you, but to find out there are 10 men for every woman on the site.  Once again, I’m a little shocked that there aren’t more women…if not before, after the hackers put the word out, there should be more women signed up on AM.

For heaven’s sake!!!  I am soooooo over the freakin’ moral platitudes of people. Men and women have cheated since the beginning of time. Can you say Camelot?  Can you say Henry VIII?  And what the fuck is sex rehab?!  How do you manage to do that?  That’s like sending a gay person to rehab to convince them they’re not gay. It’s a bunch of bull shit!!  Unless they hog tie you to a bed at night, you can masturbate under the sheets while you’re in sex rehab. It is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Some people just like to have sex more often than others. Some people like to have sex with multiple partners. Some people like to have sex with someone other than their wife. Sorry, but that may be hurtful to the wife, but I have to ask; has she done all she can do to keep him monogamous?  Yet again, there are some people, men and women, who just aren’t monogamous. It’s their footprint, their makeup, their  marker. Society has all these rules.

The big brew-ha-ha, over same-sex marriages. Now the big to-do over a cheating website. It’s all anti-sex.  And the killer part of this is, most of the objectors are the closet freaks. I suppose they’re more worried of being found out.

Let me remind everyone; it’s not illegal to sex-text, commonly known as sext. Especially if it involves 2 consenting adults, 3 consenting adult, 4…Everyone is screaming about the rights of Americans to bear arms. It being our Constitutional right. Well, hello pilgrim, it’s also our right as a consenting adult to hook up on a site that goes to great lengths to protect your identity, providing facial coverage for online posted photos, gives you the option of reveling yourself by voluntarily giving someone your private key.  You can make your private photos as reveling as you want. The site is very sophisticated, it allows you to be seen or not to be seen, and when you’re seen, you can see who has viewed you. And what girl on a dating site doesn’t like to get a wink from a guy? Doesn’t matter if he’s your type or not. Women like to be noticed. I would have been deeply depressed if I hadn’t been inundated  with request for my private key, or not received a horde of winks. Or my favorite a shit load of photos (men’s private keys).

The secret to success, is being creative. Some guys would probably do themselves a favor by taking a creative writing class before creating their online profile. But I have to give it to AM, they’ve got a great list of things you can check the box on to get you started. Of course, there’s always the few guys with no imagination, that won’t check the box, uses a photo, clearly that has been taken with his wife, that he’s clumsily attempted to chop her out. To that guy I say; HEAD SHOT! And check the boxes please! There’s nothing more boring than a two-line profile with an opening headline: Bored husband looking for fun.  Really!  I mean, really?  Use your palm and five fingers…I see why your wife ain’t putting out.

I’m enjoying my time. There was a time when I was so overwhelmed I thought about deleting my site altogether.  I did take a short break, went back with a new attitude and revamped my profile for a different type of guy. And it worked! I am having a ball. Have met some funny, intelligent guys, who have made for some great dinner conversation over some very nice meals. These guys just want a little attention, some want sex, but some are content with good conversation and a friendly smile, feeling appreciated. Some of them are like puppies! You just want to squeeze ’em and take ’em home!  (i’m being metaphorical, of course)

Hackers, be damned! Moralist, get a life or better yet, take a break and masturbate, try to enjoy the feeling not make it a dirty habit. Birds do it, bees do it, humans can’t help themselves-they are human. SEX is human! It’s the only thing in life we don’t miss if we haven’t had it (virgin), but once we do, it’s no stopping us. SEX sells. ASHLEY MADISON is doing a public service. I’ll bet their online signups have increased since they went mainstream. Which is really funny. For all the famous folks that have confessed, there’s probably a thousand of unknown Joe Blows that have sign up.

But ladies, a word of caution; be smart with your info. Create another email account before you sign up. Use it exclusively for your AM contact and if you find you’re into sexting, get yourself a burner cell. Enjoy yourself free of worry.