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You would think with fall, things would slow a bit form the pace of summer, paddle boarding, jogging, beach with the pups, full tennis schedule. Not so this year. I’ve been busier than I can remember for an October. One area in particular, is my dear friend from flight training. We have managed to stay fairly close all these years, even with her living some two thousand plus miles from me.

Allow me a few lines to ramble on another subject. I promise to be brief: Things were very good for a a few weeks with the Ashley Madison connection. I did manage to go out on a couple other dates, with less success, while I was hand-holding my first gent. Gent two was a nightmare… a real cad. He attempted several liberties and got pissed when he paid for a room without my  knowledge and I refused to follow him there. Gent three, was okay, great conversation over a very nice meal at a very nice place, but as we were departing the restaurant, he seized a moment by pushing me over to a corner behind a potted palm, grabbed me head and forced an alligator like kiss on me. YUK, yuk, yuk! Teeth and tongue and it wasn’t soft or sensual by any means. Gent one eliminated himself. He was a nice guy, gave me the flutters, was great with foreplay, but I had to put the brakes on when he got upset that I required a condom. I mean seriously, besides the safety aspect, I’m not your cum receptacle. I get to choose and I’m very picky.
So back to my dear friend who decided on a whelm to fly the distance to spend time with me…
As it turned out she was in need of some serious advice. She’s married and things haven’t been so good in the boudoir for a couple of years. He’s lost interest or something. She has met this married guy who she would like to enter into a relationship with. This is never a good situation, too many people involved, too many variables. They’ve been seeing one another for about a month and now want to head on to home base, they’ve apparently played around in his car doing things to each other but haven’t had intercourse. Seriously, really? Giving a guy a blow job isn’t being intimate? Him going down on you isn’t being intimate? He’s telling her he’s not having sex with his wife and she hasn’t had sex with her husband in quite some time.
So what’s the problem?
She feels to get a hotel room and actually have intercourse with him would ruin the relationship. I think it’s a little late for that concern. You’ve sucked his cock, he’s licked your clit, him putting it in is just the finale to foreplay. Well…there’s the other guy. Other guy?! Yep there are two of them. And she’s played around with him, too.
WHOA! Now I get it!
There’s two of ‘em and she wants me to help her decide which one to pick for her happily ever after sex partner.
One is a university professor and the other is a fallen school administrator, as in the top guy administrator. The professor has a really nice sail boat that could be a great love nest. The fallen admin has nothing, but a promise of hotel keys.
Who’s the best kisser? Which one has the better cock? Which one knows his way around the female genitals the best? Which one seems to be more long term than the other? Which one has the most in common with how you view the world and your view on sex? And which one treats you like a queen?

The professor hit most of the check marks but he’s not much on going out, doing things.
He’s a fuddy duddy…that ain’t going to change about him.
The fallen admin, isn’t as good a kisser or a cunningligous but he likes to go out see a movie before bringing her to orgasm, in the backseat of his SUV.
Well, this is a dilemma. You’re not getting your cookies taken care of at home, so naturally you want to have them well baked if you’re going to engage in an extra marital affair.
What is the one thing of each that you can’t stand?
What is the one thing of each that you absolutely adore?
Any guy can be helped to please a woman. Most men would love to be told how to please. It adds to their repartee.
So from this advice, which if you noticed was a series of questions, I helped my friend, along with a couple bottles of wine discover which guy is most suited for her needs.

couple with hearts

I recommend to any one, especially women, don’t cheapen yourself when you’re about to enter into an extra marital affair. There’s a reason you’re out there looking when the home fires aren’t burning. It’s not worth taking second best, or being second best. Make your desires known and while you’re venturing outside the box, and it does take being out of your comfort zone, find a voice, a soft sultry voice to let him (or her) know I can get boring at home. Make it exciting! Make it fresh! Make it nipple hardening, and pre-cum cock worthy!

Only Americans make sex dirty. It’s not. It’s human nature to want to fulfill your carnal desire. Have fun be frisky and enjoy the moment-most affairs are certainly short lived.

~Addie g