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The first thing she noticed, when he walked through the door of the quaint cafe, was his ears. They sat far from his head, Dumbo sized. And that military style haircut didn’t make them any less notable. His face was clean shaven, unlike the photo he’d used on his profile. At second glance, she was beginning to think it was an older photo. Not a recent one like she was using no the site….

Being in her early fifties and feeling like the world was at it’s end for her, t she would have to settle for getting older and not having the sex appeal she once felt just a couple of years ago. Her husband of twenty years had had an affair with his paralegal for almost  a year. It was horrifying enough to find out that your husband hadn’t lost interest in sex, he’d just lost interest in her. The ultimate horror was finding out about it at the firms holiday gala,  a formal, fancy to do at one of the city’s top rated hotels. Cocktails,four course dinner with pristine white table cloths & napkins, fancy center pieces, champagne toast and announcements of new associates and partners. And to round out the evening, an inebriated secretary spilling the news about her husband and the paralegal’s tet-ta-tet, being a wealth of information, providing dates of trips, over nights in the city…

As the polar vortex griped the nation, he was walking around with workout, sweat proof attire, sporting a huge bulge at the apex of his thighs.   He’s an active duty military, married, who likes to workout a couple hours a day. When he’s not in his military uniform, he’s in spandex workout garb.a                                                                                                                       “Dumbo with a big cock” She thought, as he walked up to her table and introduced himself.                                                                                                           They’d dispensed of the fake names sometime ago when the communication had reach personal email status. The topics went from general to; how much he liked to eat pussy, how he liked to make it wet and finger fuck it before he fucked it with his cock, how he liked to tongue kiss while fucking her hard letting her taste herself. And she shyly admitted to liking being fucked hard. He didn’t seem to care that her contribution to this hot sexual exchange was minimal, mostly replies to his rants about “good in bed” he was. That he’d had sex in a parking lot and finger fucked a chick at a Stephen King flick.

On that cold day, they left the cafe and she followed him to a no name motel.                                                                                                                              She wasn’t sure if she was ready to do this, but felt she should at least have the experience.                                                                                                 Once in the room, the tv on for white noise he told her, he went for her breast. squeezing them together, pinching her nipples repeatedly. On the bed he removed her boots and she unzipped her slacks removing them along with her panties exposing herself to him.  To her surprise, he pulled down his tight spandex pants, letting his hard cock fall and balls fall out, grabbing her head telling her to suck him. As she tried to suck the head he pushed her head deeper causing her to gag. This seemed to delight him as he moaned, yes go deeper. With each thrust aided by his hand at the back of her head, he moaned louder. Just as she could taste his precum juice, he pulled out, pushed her back onto the bed and was on top of her and in with one failed swoop. Now telling her to rock with me. He ejaculated pressing all his weight on her. When he recovered he used his fingers to play with her pussy bringing her to orgasm.

She said she had no expectations of romance, but I somehow felt the encounter was a let down because he’d talked a big game about how he liked to eat pussy, make you cum big, make you cum more than once. Which he had not. Seemingly, there was no hard fuck, just a few pumps and a spewing of cum. About the only thing he did do, was finger fuck her to cum, so at least she got an orgasm out of the encounter.                               Surely, had she been prepared to suck his huge cock, she may have used her tongue to stimulate his cock head, played with his balls with her hands and maybe licked his balls little to tingle in senses and sucking just the head with a few deep strokes making him cum.

She sent an email asking if he’d like to meet again, this time for dinner before heading off to a room. No response. She waited a week and sent another email, but it was returned as “undeliverable”. Apparently he’d deleted that address. He was one and done.                                                      That was her one and only experience on the site. She has since deleted her profile and deleted the semi nudes from her photo cache.

Having followed my blog for sometime, she wanted to know how I managed to have mind blowing sex with men and women.  You have to be completely open to enjoying the sex. The act of it. Making it your own. You can’t hold back because then it will have the feeling of being forced. She knew by going to that motel room there would be intercouse, cock sucking (men love to have their cock’s sucked-period). There’s nothing wrong in telling him to make you wet before you suck him off…no one person rules when it comes to foreplay, cunnilingus, fellatio and intercourse.


Next up; Chapter Two, Brenda and the NASA scientist/administrator, who’s online name resembled the popular three part book with “shades” of color.  Probably the only man I’ve heard of that has read all three books!!