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I attended a Fourth of July pool party, with an old friend, who didn’t want to go stag and didn’t want to be tied an actual date all night. The house was gated, valet parking and by invitation only. So, I went as a plus one. I didn’t expect to see anyone I knew, since my friend and I run in different circles. He’s mostly local. I like to travel for my fun, so this was going to be something new and certainly out of my box, so to speak.

My first clue as we entered the custom stoned, circular driveway, were the greeters at the massive double teak front door entrance. Two women dressed in very tiny bikinis, just enough material to cover their areole and even smaller strips covering their hairless pubic area. Brazilian wax job came to mind. My nipples began to harden like a horny man’s penis would watching a those tight hairless pussies masturbating. The two guys who were standing on each side of the bare ass ladies offered my friend and I a choice of champagne, apple martinis or something stronger. We both selected sizzling tall glasses of champagne and entered the house.

Inside were more scantily clad ladies and the guys inside were shirtless, with very tight slacks that left nothing to the imagination. One of the shirtless guys guided us through the living areas of the house to the backyard and the massive pool and the to die for view of the river with the bridge in the far background that allowed boat passage to the bay. The music was electric but not overly loud, allowing low-toned conversations and waffles of laughter. It was, as I said, an unknown crowd, to me. But from what I saw at first glance, had great promise of being a fun night.  Brad and I found a tall table in the corner of the yard, closet to the dock. I hung my purse and my wrap from a hook under the table, reveling my halter bikini top and the low dip of my sarong showing my naval and the tiny tattoo at my bikini line.


A couple of hours into the evening the music transitioned into a French themed that gave you a swaying motion. The conversations slowly became more moans and groans.  A few were in the pool, a man and a women kissing, here top at her neckline, another couple sitting on the steps to the water, her top in his hand, her hand in her bottom masturbating. At the other end were two gentlemen sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water and a tall bronzed woman taking turns sucking on their cocks that were bobbling for attention when she was sucking on the other. Brad had found an older woman who was fascinated with hefty endowment. I walked over and gave him a wet full tongue kiss as he pinched my already hard nipples. His invite to join him and his new friend was tempting, but I had my eye a gentleman who was watching the couple on the chase lounge, engaged in 6-9 foreplay. His cock was staining against his swim trunks, I walked up behind him, slid his very hard cock through the leg opening and began to masturbate it.  His knees became a little weak, I was stroking him to the rhythm of the music, pressing my breast and lower body against his and butt. With my free hand I began to fondle his nipple that got harder than mine. The couple on the chase lounge had changed positions-he was standing over her with his cock moving in and out of her mouth, they were completely naked. The gentleman I was stroking inched forward, kneeled down,with my hand still stroking him, he put his index and middle finger into her pussy and stroked her with the same rhythm as I stroked him. I was leaning over him, butt fully exposed. I felt my sarong drop to the ground, my bikini pulled to one side and small fingers enter my wet pussy. I rode her fingers to rhythm while I stroked the hard cock in my hand, larger hands began to tug and pinch my nipples, I quietly climaxed knowing I would cum again. When my pussy juice began to flow, I heard the woman who was finger fucking me moan with pleasure-let that cock go, I want to suck on your sweet pussy. I let the cock go, turned around to find the tall bronze woman licking her lips and smiling, the two guys she had been blowing, one was fingering her and the other was playing with my nipples. We moved to another chase, l lay on my back, she kneeled with her butt in the air and began to insert her very long and talented tongue into my wet pussy. One guy spanked her ass, kissed her ass and stuck his tongue into her pussy, she moaned with each motion. The other leaned over sucked my nipples giving me French kisses in my naval. I grabbed his throbbing cock and began to masturbate him and quickly pulled him into my mouth with him straddling the chase and fucking my mouth like a pussy.

Sucking cock makes me want to cum. I licked his head and inserted his cock deep into my throat, he moaned with delight. Just as he was about to cum I started stroking him with my hand. The other guy was still spanking the woman who was fucking my pussy with her tongue. When the cock I was stroking began to stream his precum juice the woman  moved up, took him in her mouth sucking him  to orgasm while she and I straddled each other with our pussy’s on each others thigh grinding our pussy’s to climax while the other guy and two more gentlemen watching stroked themselves to organism.


After a shirtless waiter gave me a warm cloth and dry towel. I found my date, who about to fuck the older woman, but I wanted his cock. I grabbed another champagne walked over to them, stuck my fingers in her pussy, between her very large labia. I sucked on her nipples and lightly bite them, making them hard, she moaned. I whispered in her ear, I want to lick your pussy lips, lick your clitoris while my friend fuck me. She moaned breathlessly, yes. I had her sit over my face, facing Brad, who inserted his cock into my wet pussy. He kissed her and sucked her nipples while I flicked my tongue over her clit, licking her clean-shaven pussy lips. I inserted three fingers into her hot wet pussy while I sucked her clit, Brad fucked me. She climaxed got off my face, I turned over so Brad could fuck me doggy style.

The partner swapping went on for a couple hours…it was a great Fourth of July pool party. Not bad for a local gathering.


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