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I stumbled upon an unexpected activity. It’s nothing new, it’s well-known, pretty much common knowledge, but the under tow was quite the surprise.

back massage

The everyday massage parlor in the family’s strip malls is often a cover for “HE“.  Some states are so regulated that these parlors have to literally go back room. However, to the enterprising owner(s), there are ways to present a legitimate massage business and give the discriminating customer what they want. To my surprise, they aren’t seedy looking locations with the sixties style beads covering the entry to a long narrow hall with lined with rooms whose doors are covered with burlap curtains.  These places, for the most part, have pleasantly furnished waiting areas, an intelligent receptionist, open spaced walkways leading to rooms with ornamental doors. The massage rooms are clean and very well-appointed, with ample linen, that has not been occupied by a previous client. Hot stones, cold stones, micro wave for hot towels and chilled bottled water.


Once in side, you’re left to change, climb on the table (which by the way is automated for height adjustment). Your masseuse enters, washes her/his hands, rubs them in oil, pulls the sheet back, tucking ever so slightly around your bum and begins to palpate your back, shoulders and arms. As you begin to relax, your masseuse travels closer to your bum cheeks, firm precision slowly moves the cover and your masseuse is kneading your thighs and onto your calves. You are so relaxed! You’re brought ever so slightly out of your dreamy trance when your masseuse  holds the sheet and asks you to turn over onto your back. Once you’ve settled the sheet is draped across your body covering your breast and pubic area…

This is where it gets interesting, when it’s a female masseuse and a male client. Paying extra for a “HE” is mentioned discretely and depending upon the client’s response, the masseuse keeps the sheet covering the penis or it is pushed to the side and her attention is on his penis and scrotum.      penis masturb                                                                                                              Seriously, I couldn’t be a good masseuse to give “HE”. I get, too worked up when I’m stroking a man’s cock that grows and flourish under my attention. I’d  have to give him a CBJ for his “HE” and  masturbate while I’m doing it.  sucking_cock_pajamas                                 Men most often than not go for the CBJ. BBBJs are rare in these places, with some men enjoy having their nipples pinched, while reaching their “HE”.   Most often it’s a hand job, always a moist warm towel after. 

Word of mouth via a dedicated site for these places are given ratings and the talents of the masseuse are ranted, raved about, or complained. Terms such as I’ve used here are prevalent and the site is set up by city or general area, making it easy to navigate and men to find a place to get their “HE” on a lunch break.  I truly admire that about men. Taking off in the middle of day to have an orgasm on your lunch break.


Which is why, when I was told that there were men at key locations who would happily give a massage with a “HE”,  I had to try it out…in the middle of the fucking day!!    man massage masturOMG! A wham, bam, back kneading, relax yourself and cum! No conversation, no kissie-kissie…grab your breast while he’s rubbing your clit, stroking your cunt…A warm, moist towel after and off to Starbuck’s drive-thru for my triple grande, non fat, cappuccino…

Guys if you’re interested in the name of the site…I’m all about sharing “HE”!

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