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I’m inspired by a few things. I am on the high floor of a magnificent hotel with a fantastic view,  no sounds except the clapping of my keyboard.  The bed was, is beyond dreamy, the pillows sofa yet comfortable. Arriving late last night with my Coterie, we sat and enjoyed a few lagers before retiring.  With the street noise so far below I am transcended into melancholy of the past weeks. I’ve been trying with all my wit to forge a new relationship of sorts, although unconventional to the average Joe, I like doing things that are against the norm.

I’ve been open-minded, yielding, extremely giving-maybe, too giving.

 If you don’t look like an adonis, why are you being so picky??? For Pete’s Sake!!  You don’t run, you don’t walk, you don’t golf, you don’t play tennis…you play board games, watch movies and eat a lot of red meat!!!  That takes a toll on one’s physique, not to mention other unmentionable parts.  So I’m not a WF, I’m a mix of many parts, some may so exoctic. I was guileless, did not hide it! Why are you being an asshole?  First you want to known what my likes and dislikes are-reason being, still not sure…for the sake of conversation; So he won’t say or do the wrong thing.  Seriously?  Life is ebb and flow!  You be who you are, not hide behind some bullshit of meaningless crap because…If I could figure that out we’d be an item by now, I suppose.  This being his transcript (not mine); he’s divorced, spends a lot of time at home, watching tv, cooking, watching tv, drinking beer, watching tv and he’s ready to find someone, to start living.   Need I state the obvious here??  I’m still kicking myself for being drawn to this…this person. I sent 3 photos, all different to show my versatility and he wasn’t satisfied with those.

“Wow, they all look different! Is this 3 different people? Do you have anymore I can look at?” 

Ah, no I do not.  WTF!?  I could have easily said; Look you aren’t the most handsome guy I’ve met, you’re not the most unattractive one either, but I thought you were a nice guy and I was looking for nice, not handsome, not over the moon knock-out gorgeous.  I’m willing to bet there’s not a six or an eight pack under that t-shirt and bulky coat (in the photo you sent to me).  BUT what I did say;  I think we’ve come to an impasse.  Why don’t you mull the photos over for a few days and get back to me. His subsequent correspondence has been directed to the TRASH BIN.

I move on…A week remaining before my trip to the outskirts of the Big Apple with my Cortier,  I give it one more go.  If you fall off the horse, you’ve got to get your bum up, dust it off and get back on!  Right?

Which brings me to the “PROFESSOR!  Not that he was or is a professor. He struck me as such when I ventured out to meet him, after several correspondences.  Much older than he had claimed. Okay, so he used an old photo, we all do that from time to time.  But the person I’d corresponded with was not the person I met at the coffee cafe.  Grouchy about having lost his life. Was having an affair (she was Japanese, married with 2 children), they fell in love, she went home to get divorced but decided not to return…Meanwhile, he divorces his wife, she takes him to the cleaners (can you blame her?) alimony-child support and in the interim he’s laid off from his executive position, ate his nest egg keeping up the spousal support, etcetera, etectera, etectera…I took time from my busy day for this?  TMI!!!  He works from his apartment, that was a condo when we first began to correspond.  His voluntary inventory of said apartment: a lounge chair, his work station, computer, etc., (and my personal favorite) a traditional Japanese futon (mat).  Yep!  That’s not a typo…a mat. If you know anything about Asian culture, you know a mat means just that! M-A-T, no elevation as in the western world. I was so stunned by the mat, it took a few minutes for the lack of other items that weren’t included in the inventory.  Okay. So, you’re thinking we’re going to spend our time at my house?  Seriously!  NO!         I waited a few minutes, made small talk about the weather, about stuff in general, finish my espresso drink, looked at my watch and said;        “This has been just wonderful! I’ve enjoyed our conversation, you seem like a special guy, but I do need to head out, I’ve got more work facing me before I end my day. We’ll talk soon.”

“What’s your phone number, I can send you mine and we can keep in touch by text. Email is so impersonal, don’t you think?  Besides, I’d like to call you and wish you sweet dreams at night and maybe end it with some tantalizing conversation, if you know what I mean.” <grinning his ass off>

Oh my! He’s got a plan and I’m it!  I smile my best flight attendant smile, position my voice to sooth and I reply; Well, I hardly know you. We haven’t been emailing that long and we just met this one time today. Let’s see how it goes, I can always give it to you in a couple of days.        He was not happy. But he had no choice in the matter.  Subsequent emails have found their way to the TRASH BIN.


As I sit and enjoy the view, I remind myself that as difficult as it may seem, the universe will come full circle and I’ll once again find that special someone. But for now, enjoy the comradely with your coterie, the city, the food, the OPEN…

Dating in the first century of the 3rd millennium has its challenges. Be smart. Set limits. Avoid the cyrano-syndrome.

Thanks for being a loyal fan.                                                                                                                          Addison       addieg.blog@gmail.com

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