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I’ve been asked by many, what I do? I write for a publishing house who wouldn’t want me to divulge their brand.  My blog began as a way of self expression, later morphing into a combination of readers who write to me and my experiences. I’ve written many articles that are  proof read by editors and their assistants, thus my blogs contains errors galore, but I think that gives it a homey, believable feel.  I’m currently working on a novel. Because of your inquires I’ve decided to share one snippet with you. I’ve chosen this page because…well I’ll let you see for yourself.  I’ll be back in a few with more adventures from the world of internet dalliances, fornication and hookups (fall has been fruitful).  Until then enjoy the snippet…

The cool air moving across Amanda’s face was a welcomed relief, compared to the sweat rolling down her arms. She pedaled at moderate pace, with slow deliberate breaths. The path was dimly lit, flat and smooth, against the dark back drop of the park. The tall trees were a canopy, shielding the night sky. She made good time creating distance between her and the house she fled. She pedaled faster.

She attempted to adjust her ball cap. The bike began to wobble as she realized her hands, her legs were trembling and her heart was pounding loudly in her ears. With a deep breath Amanda steadied herself, adjusted the cap tighter. With more control she pedaled forward.

Amanda dared not look behind her fearing she would slow her progress. Just ahead she could see the red glow as it came into view. The first of three traffic signals. Not wanting to decrease her speed, she willed the light to turn green as she drew closer to the intersection. Just as she began to coast, the light signaled green, as she glided effortlessly across the brightly lit intersection that was miraculously void of vehicles.
The bike path took a western route, Amanda veered north, deciding the confines of the sidewalk would be better than the street, using the parked cars as a buffer to any oncoming traffic. It slowed her pace a little. The black hat, jacket and pants made her almost invisible to the traffic on the street, as she calmly breezed through intersections two and three.

Eager to proceed to her next phase. Hopping off the bike at a running pace, she quickly steered it into the tall bushes of an abandon house. Behind the over grown thicket of brush laid her backpack. She quickly began to strip, putting each article of clothing, and shoes, in a separate plastic bag, she had retrieved from the pack. Standing naked and cold, she removed the gun from the pouch on the bike, put it in a cloth bag and the pouch in a plastic bag. Finally removing her leather gloves, carefully folding them inside out, adding them to the plastic bag with the pouch. Taking fresh garments from the backpack, she checked the watched in her pants pocket. She would need to move quickly to discard the bags before boarding the bus back to the city.      ©️ALL RIGHTS RESERVED