I’ve attempted to walk away from my site. A woman of a certain stature should put those carnal ways in a box, locked, on a high shelf. Create meaningful fantasies with her mate. Be content to satisfy only him.

I entered into what I thought I was supposed to be…a relationship, changing my social media status to “engaged”, almost married. I abandoned all those things of lustful joy, all those people I enjoyed being licentious with, my toys, my naughty outfits for those lascivious soirée, my best friend who enjoyed my salacious ways (especially the fellatio). Being pensive in bed because you certainly can’t show your finance all those exotic things you know.

Whom ever stated that the missionary position was boring, basic sex, should be amply rewarded. Ho-hum.

At this point I am seriously contemplating therapy…finding the simplest, less drama method of swimming out of De-Nile. I care, yes, very much. But I was clearly fooling myself by thinking he and I would create our own world of sexual erotica. He’s a dashing man, very well maintained, successful, a total package…well almost. His ideal woman is chaste, does those moderate things in the bedroom with the lights off. 

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’re surely scratching your head in wonderment right now, knowing full well that I love the act of sexual contact, the erotic nature of a man when his cock is throbbing, exposed to the openness of being engulfed by my mouth…being uninhabited by his penetration in my mouth and eventually my anus.

I suggested one evening while we were at dinner with a few of his business associates and their stodgy wives, leaning over to whisper in his ear what I would like to do when we returned to the hotel; a bottle of Cabinet Sauvignon, just us enjoying each other. I guess I wasn’t clear enough. He ordered the bottle, poured the wine, picked up the remote and found the late news. He climbed between the sheets watching and sipping. When his cock gained a rise, he stroked himself a few times, stuck his fingers in my cunt, made a comment of how wet I was and rolled on top, with a few down strokes, pulled out and flooded cum on my thigh, spilling onto the sheet. It’s my turn when he cums, using his cum to lubricate my vulva he finger fucks me, which makes him hard again, where he likes to maturbate while his fingers are in my pussy…cums on my thigh aging, rolls over a falls asleep.


Naked sexy woman silhouette lying at red orange background

I have managed to satisfy myself but this makes me crave a hard cock to suck, lick and knead with my teeth. Going down on it, taking it all in my mouth, tickling my throats with the soft head, licking the balls making my pussy so wet… When I have my fresh Brazilian wax my vulva throbs for a tongue, my anus aches for hot cum to ooze out, meaning I am fulfilled and he is exhausted.

I want to be naughty with a man’s cock in my pussy and a woman sitting on my face. 

I need to be honest leave De-Nile, leave him and get back to my life. The hell with what I should be at the stage of life.