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I’ve been toying around with this impulse for a few years. I have literally been in every type of sensual situation there is.  With some exceptions (beastiality, excessive bondage & a few more).  Maybe it’s the maturing factor that has me teetering on the edge of settling down.  What I want is a relationship with a woman and a man, weather it be under one roof or three different roofs. I would even consider two guys and myself. I just don’t think my mechanics is meant for the traditional man-woman type relationship.  I’m more apt to being true to two than being tied to one…

Of course I’ve tried the one on one as we dove into the world of Swingers. That was interesting and there were some fun moments. We traveled the tropics and basked in the warm sun, gentle breezes, clear waters, sex on the beach with the wife while the husband watched, or the wife going down on me while I engaged in fellatio with her spouse. Or my partner having anal with the wife while the spouse perform cunnilingus on me.

I think the most memorable was being on the west coast, we met this couple at a Super Swingers party.  We went to a mutual room had traditional Swinger’s sex and went our separate way. The sex was delicious! Two nights later, we entered one of my favorite west coast dining spots a little early for our reservation, we decided to sit at the bar until our table was ready. In walks the couple from two nights ago. We decided why not have dinner together. As we dined, of course we reminisced, rehashed the delights we had enjoyed. A couple of bottles later we were on our way to their place to create more delicious memories.  The women traveled together, as did the men. We texted rules as we traveled to their home. Things like; no clothes allowed past the foyer. Stop word would be “red”. Other than moaning, sounds of pleasure, no sentences necessary.  Upon arrival I undressed completely, I then undressed my partner, who in turn undressed the husband (interesting, I thought to myself) and he undressed his wife. As he removed her thong panties, he inserted sliver Ben Wa balls into her vagina. She attached silver nipple clamps on my rock hard nipples and began to finger fuck me, lubing my clit with my juices. I dropped to my knees and began sucking both penis’, making them both bob up and down with sexual excitement. Ben Wa balls were inserted into my wet pussy and I had my first climax. The husband began to masturbate oozing clear juice that he used to rub on his wife’s pink nipples. As they hardened he attached a set of gold nipple clamps. While she rubbed my clit, gathering juices, she began to rim my anus. I began to rub her clit and inserting my wet fingers into her husband’s mouth, he suck my fingers like a cock. Nipple clamps were put on both men’s nipples and a cock ring was put on the husband. The Ben Wa balls were removed from the wife and my partner inserted his rock hard penis in her dripping wet pussy. She climaxed as he fucked her doggy style while she licked and sucked my pussy with Ben Wa balls still inserted. I was wild with a cascade of climaxes. My partner pulled out of the wife’s wetness and the husband began to lick his wife’s juice off of my partner’s raging cock. While he sucked my partner I sucked him. The wife moved in behind me and began to to rim my anus with her tongue and  darting in and out of my anus. When my partner climaxed, the husband inserted his hard cock into my anus while my partner masturbated my clit. The husband climaxed, I climaxed, my partner licked the wife’s clit, she climaxed and my partner climaxed again while the husband masturbated his once again hard cock.  While in the shower, my partner soaped the wife’s anus, inserted his cock as she inserted a life size rubber penis into the the her  pussy. The husband inserted a penis dildo into my pussy, I soaped my anus and guided him inside.

It’s moments like those that confirm my desire for a man woman relationship. I’ve tried the sites. But they’re either newbies, not sure of what they want, no experience, couples who hop from one person to the next or the quirky couple likes to have sex in cars and public places.  I’m thinking a nice, maybe older couple who had swinging fun back in the day, still wants to enjoy the pleasures but ready to settle on one special lady.

Are you out there, somewhere?  Man, woman, man, man ready to share for the long term?

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