I cannot believe I forgot to post this during the last year’s heavy lockdown. It’s April 2021, a year later and things are beginning to ease just a bit. A lot has happen over the past 12 months…too, much to go into now. But I will say life has change one hundred, eighty degrees [seperation]. The two I mention below are not a tattered memory. Yes, I dumped them both back in late 2020. I did a lot of house cleaning, last year. Not only is my closet, amour, kitchen cabinets well organized, but my black book lost some it’s pages. Sadly, it was more difficult deciding to send my beloved three inch Manolo’s to Goodwill than literally tearing pages from my infamous black book. Apparently a life threatening pandemic gives one, at least this girl, cause to pause to rethink who is worthy and who needs to be torn away.

Also during the pandemic I tried all the sites. No rhyme or reason, just because. Do you recall my talk on hookup websites? Scroll back, they were not only interesting but educational. Here are some that I found recently; Pure, Freedly, OKCupid, SilverPoly (yes polyamory for the matured crowd), Match.com, Bumble and my old favorites Ashley Madison and AdultFriendFinder.

AdultFriendFinder, found the admiral and his wife. {Sigh} They were yummy, I still kick myself for letting them go for the egomaniac (police chief). What was I thinking??? I suppose the thrill of adult sex clubs were just, too much to resist. And apparently, I was more than willing to put up with his highness the asshole of assholes. Ashley Madison, found the school teacher who had no idea what a good blow job was about. After my first blow in the bunker of an army reserve park, his cock would grow just seeing me.

And now things have slowed to a crawl. No hugging, definitely no kissing and certainly no french kissing of anyone that doesn’t live in your household…

The original posting, saved dated April 28, 2020


I ordered all sorts of toys, viewed countless videos from every site from around the world. This seemed to satisfy my libido during the heavy lockdown, end of March through late May. I gotta tell you, that’s a ton of batteries, from AAA to C. The one thing I discovered, once I was out of lockdown and felt safe to venture out for some real cock, I wanted to approached everything in a different way.

So far, wanting and doing are two different horses each of varying colors.

Who’s safe and who is A symptomatic? Not wanting to chance encounters with strangers, I found myself propped in bed one night looking through my black book (absolutely yes, even in this digital age a black book is necessary). I came across two possibles. One, I would dread, the other I would have to be smart and on my peas & ques to accomplish my goal at my pace, for me, in my own time.

The first was a big disappointment. Some men, just never make it to that level of maturity, that sense of being wise. Knowing that it’s not always about your cock, man’s best friend, can make a gray templed guy very sexy. There’s something about a man that knows a woman needs a little pumping up, if you will, in order to get his aging, raging cock sucked without the aid of a blue pill. Then there are those who have missed it entirely; still thinking that the faded six pack, graying hair, those crow’s feet that show even when you’re not smiling are just, too sexy to resit, are just immature with their heads so far up their ass that by standing naked in front of a full length mirror stands the body he had 20 years ago. Has anyone besides me noticed that men who have never married or had children are just plain dumb when it comes to cultivating a friendship with a mature woman?


I have to wonder, with the shutdown, how many couples, who were literally stuck with each other for weeks on end, did they play in the bedroom? Did they one day while watching Netflix decided to ask; “honey, let’s explore our sexuality”. Let’s shop the internet for some toys, to spice things up. Let’s recreate a fantasy.

I personally purchased a new set of ben wa balls and treated myself to a couple of items from Octopussy. Video chat became a go to for masturbastion.

Just because there’s a life threatening pandemic, that doesn’t mean the libido stops!

AS always I leave you happier, horny and informed

love, Addison


I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living”

Anais Nin