Don’t short change yourself, enjoy your (extra marital) AFFAIR


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You would think with fall, things would slow a bit form the pace of summer, paddle boarding, jogging, beach with the pups, full tennis schedule. Not so this year. I’ve been busier than I can remember for an October. One area in particular, is my dear friend from flight training. We have managed to stay fairly close all these years, even with her living some two thousand plus miles from me.

Allow me a few lines to ramble on another subject. I promise to be brief: Things were very good for a a few weeks with the Ashley Madison connection. I did manage to go out on a couple other dates, with less success, while I was hand-holding my first gent. Gent two was a nightmare… a real cad. He attempted several liberties and got pissed when he paid for a room without my  knowledge and I refused to follow him there. Gent three, was okay, great conversation over a very nice meal at a very nice place, but as we were departing the restaurant, he seized a moment by pushing me over to a corner behind a potted palm, grabbed me head and forced an alligator like kiss on me. YUK, yuk, yuk! Teeth and tongue and it wasn’t soft or sensual by any means. Gent one eliminated himself. He was a nice guy, gave me the flutters, was great with foreplay, but I had to put the brakes on when he got upset that I required a condom. I mean seriously, besides the safety aspect, I’m not your cum receptacle. I get to choose and I’m very picky.
So back to my dear friend who decided on a whelm to fly the distance to spend time with me…
As it turned out she was in need of some serious advice. She’s married and things haven’t been so good in the boudoir for a couple of years. He’s lost interest or something. She has met this married guy who she would like to enter into a relationship with. This is never a good situation, too many people involved, too many variables. They’ve been seeing one another for about a month and now want to head on to home base, they’ve apparently played around in his car doing things to each other but haven’t had intercourse. Seriously, really? Giving a guy a blow job isn’t being intimate? Him going down on you isn’t being intimate? He’s telling her he’s not having sex with his wife and she hasn’t had sex with her husband in quite some time.
So what’s the problem?
She feels to get a hotel room and actually have intercourse with him would ruin the relationship. I think it’s a little late for that concern. You’ve sucked his cock, he’s licked your clit, him putting it in is just the finale to foreplay. Well…there’s the other guy. Other guy?! Yep there are two of them. And she’s played around with him, too.
WHOA! Now I get it!
There’s two of ‘em and she wants me to help her decide which one to pick for her happily ever after sex partner.
One is a university professor and the other is a fallen school administrator, as in the top guy administrator. The professor has a really nice sail boat that could be a great love nest. The fallen admin has nothing, but a promise of hotel keys.
Who’s the best kisser? Which one has the better cock? Which one knows his way around the female genitals the best? Which one seems to be more long term than the other? Which one has the most in common with how you view the world and your view on sex? And which one treats you like a queen?

The professor hit most of the check marks but he’s not much on going out, doing things.
He’s a fuddy duddy…that ain’t going to change about him.
The fallen admin, isn’t as good a kisser or a cunningligous but he likes to go out see a movie before bringing her to orgasm, in the backseat of his SUV.
Well, this is a dilemma. You’re not getting your cookies taken care of at home, so naturally you want to have them well baked if you’re going to engage in an extra marital affair.
What is the one thing of each that you can’t stand?
What is the one thing of each that you absolutely adore?
Any guy can be helped to please a woman. Most men would love to be told how to please. It adds to their repartee.
So from this advice, which if you noticed was a series of questions, I helped my friend, along with a couple bottles of wine discover which guy is most suited for her needs.

couple with hearts

I recommend to any one, especially women, don’t cheapen yourself when you’re about to enter into an extra marital affair. There’s a reason you’re out there looking when the home fires aren’t burning. It’s not worth taking second best, or being second best. Make your desires known and while you’re venturing outside the box, and it does take being out of your comfort zone, find a voice, a soft sultry voice to let him (or her) know I can get boring at home. Make it exciting! Make it fresh! Make it nipple hardening, and pre-cum cock worthy!

Only Americans make sex dirty. It’s not. It’s human nature to want to fulfill your carnal desire. Have fun be frisky and enjoy the moment-most affairs are certainly short lived.

~Addie g



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When last we spoke, Ashley Madison was the top story of the evening news. Famous people were confessing to having affairs, even though, names of these women did not meet the light of day. Websites provided a “check your spouses email account” to offer scorned wives with evidence of cheating. It’s exhausting, just to type this stuff. I maintain; cheating is nothing new and once the heat dies down those famous names will find another way to satisfy their itch. I’d bet hard money on that.


Having first hand knowledge of AM, being one of those women; seeking with specific perimeters, sketched out a  profile, carefully choose photos for my private key, clicking publish your profile and turning off the site, letting it simmer for a few days. Of course you always want to tinker with your wording in the damn thing…but I resisted, having faith that what I wrote, eliminating the boxes (and there are plenty of boxes that can be checked), being myself, I decided to give a proof read 24 hours later.

Opened the site and there sat 30 pieces of mail. Whoa!  OMG! What have I done. It was all overwhelming! My first reaction; Am I the only bitch on this site?! Am I emanating some sort of pheromone?! Don’t laugh, but I ran…I shut that shit down, grabbed my paw friend and went for a walk along the beach. WTF!!

By the time I returned, prepared a light dinner to go with my heavy reading (those messages), I reopened my AM site and the mailbox number jumped to 45. I was outdone-how do you read that many and do a refining of who’s full of shit, whose sincere and who’s just a dog in heat for a one night slam, bam, thank you ma’am?I decided: No photo-delete, photos of penises-delete, photos of neophytes-delete. Okay that’s better, down to 18…after a few days I concluded; first attempt  a bust. I wasn’t into any of them. There was the radio personality who wrote in poetic form, nice, but boring. There was the NASA engineer who was combative, because he wanted to be “daddy”. Then there was the “so-called” retired federal agent-I mean really? They all fell miserably. I became discouraged and used the “hide your profile button.

Six weeks later, 2 weeks before the hacking news hit the media, like a tidal wave, I went back to the site. Tweaked my profile, deleted all the photos (photos are hidden until you allow them to be seen) and used more recent ones-one to include my trek to a Regional Championship flight. One of my team members had snapped a photo of me in action.

I unchecked the box to publish my profile. Upon my return I found; two dummy inquires-they were just too good to be real, a retired Navy-later revealed was a commander, a real estate broker, an engineer and a football referee. Because I disliked the setup of AM, I had set up another email account, inviting the promising to contact me there. Can I tell you, that was the best idea. I got to know these guys a little better, their habits of communication and they were quite candid in exposing themselves. Who they are, their day, what they enjoyed. It was the online version of the BACHELORETTE.  I had these seeming nice guys and communicating gave me true insight to whom they were and where they would fit into my life…if I wanted to take step 2.

Step 2. My go to place was very public, busy with people in and out constantly. I met three, which eliminated 2. Met the fourth and unbeknownst to me, before I could catch my breath, swallow my last sip of coffee, number 4 had managed to sweep me off my feet. Charming, funny, sincere, a complete gentleman and the look in his eyes told me he was completely smitten with me. But. And here’s the thing…he has yet to act on his desire…”let’s take this slow and steady, I think we’ve got something really special here and I don’t want to blow it…”  You could have knocked me over with a feather.

We chat, we text, he says good morning, every day…it’s just enough, but not too much.  I’ve tested his resolve and he’s been resolute. I’ve walked away once and he asked me to give it a chance. Oh Jeez, the LONE WOLF has been snared in a trap and the trap didn’t hurt, I haven’t run…don’t want to run. When we walk on the beach and he takes my hand, my belly flutters. Silly me, I thought I had a stomach virus! My belly quivers when I see his name pop up on my screen, a simple text; “Hi” He has no clue he’s snared a wolf, who’s roamed the world alone and didn’t care. Oh does he?

I haven’t given him my final rose, but the others are no longer in the picture. Is it possible that AM the online scandal site really works? Even if the final rose isn’t given I am pleased with the relationship. Pleased with him. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding a bit of belly flutter, for just a moment?

I’m open to questions, inquiries please email at your pleasure




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Now that the cat is out of the bag…Let’s see a show of hands for all of us who are on the website ASHLEY MADISON.

Having read the articles, it explains a lot. Here I thought I was a hot commodity, being pursued by many men, some too, good to be true, mind you, but to find out there are 10 men for every woman on the site.  Once again, I’m a little shocked that there aren’t more women…if not before, after the hackers put the word out, there should be more women signed up on AM.

For heaven’s sake!!!  I am soooooo over the freakin’ moral platitudes of people. Men and women have cheated since the beginning of time. Can you say Camelot?  Can you say Henry VIII?  And what the fuck is sex rehab?!  How do you manage to do that?  That’s like sending a gay person to rehab to convince them they’re not gay. It’s a bunch of bull shit!!  Unless they hog tie you to a bed at night, you can masturbate under the sheets while you’re in sex rehab. It is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Some people just like to have sex more often than others. Some people like to have sex with multiple partners. Some people like to have sex with someone other than their wife. Sorry, but that may be hurtful to the wife, but I have to ask; has she done all she can do to keep him monogamous?  Yet again, there are some people, men and women, who just aren’t monogamous. It’s their footprint, their makeup, their  marker. Society has all these rules.

The big brew-ha-ha, over same-sex marriages. Now the big to-do over a cheating website. It’s all anti-sex.  And the killer part of this is, most of the objectors are the closet freaks. I suppose they’re more worried of being found out.

Let me remind everyone; it’s not illegal to sex-text, commonly known as sext. Especially if it involves 2 consenting adults, 3 consenting adult, 4…Everyone is screaming about the rights of Americans to bear arms. It being our Constitutional right. Well, hello pilgrim, it’s also our right as a consenting adult to hook up on a site that goes to great lengths to protect your identity, providing facial coverage for online posted photos, gives you the option of reveling yourself by voluntarily giving someone your private key.  You can make your private photos as reveling as you want. The site is very sophisticated, it allows you to be seen or not to be seen, and when you’re seen, you can see who has viewed you. And what girl on a dating site doesn’t like to get a wink from a guy? Doesn’t matter if he’s your type or not. Women like to be noticed. I would have been deeply depressed if I hadn’t been inundated  with request for my private key, or not received a horde of winks. Or my favorite a shit load of photos (men’s private keys).

The secret to success, is being creative. Some guys would probably do themselves a favor by taking a creative writing class before creating their online profile. But I have to give it to AM, they’ve got a great list of things you can check the box on to get you started. Of course, there’s always the few guys with no imagination, that won’t check the box, uses a photo, clearly that has been taken with his wife, that he’s clumsily attempted to chop her out. To that guy I say; HEAD SHOT! And check the boxes please! There’s nothing more boring than a two-line profile with an opening headline: Bored husband looking for fun.  Really!  I mean, really?  Use your palm and five fingers…I see why your wife ain’t putting out.

I’m enjoying my time. There was a time when I was so overwhelmed I thought about deleting my site altogether.  I did take a short break, went back with a new attitude and revamped my profile for a different type of guy. And it worked! I am having a ball. Have met some funny, intelligent guys, who have made for some great dinner conversation over some very nice meals. These guys just want a little attention, some want sex, but some are content with good conversation and a friendly smile, feeling appreciated. Some of them are like puppies! You just want to squeeze ’em and take ’em home!  (i’m being metaphorical, of course)

Hackers, be damned! Moralist, get a life or better yet, take a break and masturbate, try to enjoy the feeling not make it a dirty habit. Birds do it, bees do it, humans can’t help themselves-they are human. SEX is human! It’s the only thing in life we don’t miss if we haven’t had it (virgin), but once we do, it’s no stopping us. SEX sells. ASHLEY MADISON is doing a public service. I’ll bet their online signups have increased since they went mainstream. Which is really funny. For all the famous folks that have confessed, there’s probably a thousand of unknown Joe Blows that have sign up.

But ladies, a word of caution; be smart with your info. Create another email account before you sign up. Use it exclusively for your AM contact and if you find you’re into sexting, get yourself a burner cell. Enjoy yourself free of worry.



The Power of a KISS


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There are many steps to intimacy. Kissing, however, is the flint that lights the fire. A touch may cause goose-bumps, a glance may cause a tightening in the belly. Kissing a nipple will harden it, make it want more. A kiss on the back of the neck will excite the groan. A man’s cock can become rock hard with a rub, but a kiss, an old fashioned, tongue searching, French kiss will make a man’s cock stir and become moist.

Masturbation, is a natural act. It’s done all the time. Some women refuse to admit they get horny and masturbate. Men, on the other hand, do it and admit it with pride. Everyone, that masturbates, has they’re favorite way of achieving the orgasm. Women mostly use toys, more often battery operated toys. Some men who enjoy a little extra stimulation may use a vibrating toy. Some, men and women, who are prone to anal orgasms, may use an anal vibrator. I have a FWB, who enjoys having his battery tool inserted just before he’s about to orgasm. It’s intense he says.


There are many ways of kissing to ignite a spark.

The first kiss is always special. Lips to lips, tongues searching, sparking the deep desire. Familiar kissing, knowing what the other likes, what turns them on, makes them hot for more. A women giving a blow job is a form of kissing. Of course there’s no doubt when a cunnilingus is performed, weather it be by a man or a woman on the soft vulva of a woman. Those lips become engorged with blood and swollen with desire and a need to be licked, sucked and yes, kissed.


A woman giving head is essentially kissing his cock with each stroke. If she’s really good at it, on each deepened down stroke the back of the throat is kissing his sensitive head, causing it secrete a clear liquid, that is pre orgasm juice.  I personally enjoy giving head. It turns me on to kiss a cock, making it rock hard. Although the 6-9 position is equal enjoyment, I’d rather get myself wet while I worked on throbbing cock and listen to him moan when I lick his balls.


While masturbating, you can squeeze your nipples, make them rock hard. Tease your cock or your clitoris, hump a pillow, use your shower head…And while masturbation can be satisfying, it lacks the ignition of a kiss.

How do I stop?


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I’ve flown by the seat of my pants for some time now. I categorize myself as a lone wolf. It was a way to free myself from the bounds of being accountable, having to explain and a bed partner when I wasn’t in the mood. It was a difficult, heartbreaking decision to break it off, but I felt if I was remotely thinking of doing something so rash, then it had to be done.

I did. He was hurt. I am sorry. But still, it was the best. The relationship was heading in a direction I wasn’t ready for…more to the point he wasn’t the guy. The wedding bells, blissful riding off into the sunset guy. Oh, he was sweet, he had a good heart, but he was just a little too controlling for my personality. No, I wasn’t going to prime him for threesome, adult clubs or private (invite only) sex parties. It wasn’t that kind of relationship. We were normal. It was a normal relationship. Work the week and enjoy our weekends, either at home (my house, usually) or off on a two adventure.

We’d wake, make coffee, I’d feed my girl, we’d change and head out for a nice early morning run. Enjoy cups of my favorite brew on the sun porch reading the morning paper while planning our day. A farmer’s market in out in the country, or a day tip just because. Dinner out or a fest at home of our market selections. He was a wonderful cook and we took turns. It was all so picture perfect. But when I looked in the mirror I saw no sparkle in my brown eyes. A girls knows when she’s happy, if she’s being honest with herself. The eyes tell it all. When men are happy, they tend to block out the other stuff. He was happy.

It’s been a year and I’m getting along fabulously. On a moments notice I decided to attend the 2015 French Open. Just me. I’ve done that a lot in past 13 months. I’ve found an excellent house and pet sitter who has been a Godsend. She’s great with my girl and she is perfect for my home.

Within a 14 day period, I had tickets to the opens last 3 days, a prime hotel and round-trip air tickets. I packed light, I had visions of shopping my way through the rue des Rosiers, the Place des Vosges, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. And I wasn’t disappointed!

A woman alone, meandering through the streets of Paris. It was liberatice!  The food was fantastic! The Open was…well, the men’s match was very exciting as a new champion was crowned. And Serena didn’t disappoint the crowd of French aristocrats when she gave her winning, thank you speech in French…flawless French!

While my seat was not a nose bleeder, it wasn’t an inner circle-on the court seat either. Sitting in the mid section, I was seated between a British couple all three days, on the second day I realized they were together and married. I offered that the gentleman and I would exchange seats so he could sit next to his wife. As we sat 3 together we engaged in conversation during exchange of sides and in between sets. The wife and I had a couple of ladies’ room breaks together. By day 3, we greeted each other as old friends as we entered the stadium together. There was dinner afterwards. A stroll through the park by the Tower Eiffel. And we shared a kiss, husband and I at the wife’s request. It was a shy peck on the lips until she baulked that we should kiss as they French would kiss. We did. It was spine tingling. We walked and talked until we found our way back to their hotel. We sat in the lobby, at my insistence, I felt they needed to explore their options a little more. I sensed this would be a new experience for both and I wanted to make sure they were sure.

We headed up to the concierge floor, grabbed a bottle of French bubbly and began our exploration of each other. She was older than her husband. He was fairly handsome, with abs and tight butt. Her breasts were soft with evidence of her age, but she was well versed in the art of tonguing my clit making me wetter than I’d ever been. Once she’d gotten me wet while I licked and sucked on his hard as a rock cock, she wanted to watch as he inserted himself into my juicy pussy. She sat in a chair while we made out on the bed, as if she wasn’t there. I glanced over to find her naked, spread legged and masturbating. Pulling on her nipple and fingering her pussy, eyes focused on he and I, as he turned me over to fuck me doggie style. I offered to oblige her, she insisted that I enjoy her husband. He and I came together. It was tense, loud and hard. We enjoyed our post coitus bliss. She was very appreciative, but I felt it was I who should be thanking her. He was awesome. He wanted to shower together, we did, did it again in the shower, redressed and headed out for a late night drink in the lobby bar with some cheese and crackers.

I was beginning to feel a little exhausted. The sun at the stadium, the champagne, the wine, the orgasms, were catching up with me. She walked me to the Valet who hailed me a cab, we hugged, thanked each other and into the cab I went. I left the next day, departing CDG early afternoon for ATL. I occupied myself between meals with my iPod listening to an audiobook. But I could help asking myself several times; How do I stop? How do I stop being the lone wolf? Open and free for adventure, impromptu moments.

As I keyed the door to my garage, I was so happy to see my girl. We played our welcome home game, her bringing me all her favorite toys to play with at once. And in that moment, I decided; I don’t want to stop. I think I’ll get another German Shepherd puppy.

Over the Top


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Life is full of strange and sometimes wonderful nuances. Like the phrase; “…over the top”

His penis was over the top delicious! Or. He was over the top good at cunnilingus. Or. He wanted to screw all night! It was over the top good, but enough is enough. Heaven’s sake, what was he on?!!  Honestly, can you ever be over the top when it comes to sex???  But don’t go by me, I’ve got a high level of erotic desire. It doesn’t take a lot to get me there, but I can get there several times. Hmm…shit, maybe I’m over the top!!

Not everything is about sex. Or so I’ve been told repeatedly. I still don’t get that statement. Because I think just about everything we do is connected to our desire for sexual contact. Most prudent people who are open and relaxed about their erotica have at least one person they can call on when the well is dry-have no steady partner. FWB. Friends With Benefits. Some may consider this as being over the top. A person whose a friend, whom you know, will share a romp between the sheets with you because you’re horny and want to have sex.

So, back to my earlier statement. Name something that doesn’t have any connection with carnal desire.  When we are toddlers we had play dates with boy toddlers. No big deal. When we approached adolescence our contact with men was limited. As teens we were introduced to the separate locker room syndrome. Boys locker room and the girls locker room.  The boys made it their mission to get cock a peep into the girls locker room every chance they got. As the hormones raged our parents declared war on being separated from the opposite gender. They invented the chaperone. The chaperonne. The duenna. Designed to keep a youngsters ragging hormones in tact. To govern the actions and anti-sex solutions. As we got older and headed off to college and became more exposed to the opposite sex, we were given tools to keep safe. In other words; you’re not here, I can’t guard you 27-7, so here take these condoms and be sure to use them if you must travel down the road of carnal lust.  Then we went through the; I’m a virgin how do I get rid of this stigma?  You sought out the perfect penis to accomplish your goal. Then it’s on to finding that perfect soul mate who’ll want to spend the rest of their life with you–perfect as in good in bed. You find him, get married and have regular sex until the babies pop. Sex three times a week become three times a month…three times a year. And the frustrated husband heads out to find a FWB to take care of his needs. The wife finds out. You get divorced (hope that piece of ass was worth the child support and alimony). And now she’s alone, raising the children and he’s out chasing tail…broke, but what the fuck, a little pussy will make any man feel better. The ex is pissed because she’s gained a little weight having his children and feels insecure and ain’t got laid since she had a little too much to drink and had sex with her best friend’s brother…much younger brother. So, now the ex wife is hearing from her girlfriends that the ex husband was seen with a younger hot chick and she gets even more pissed and decides if he’s got less money he’ll be alone and lonely like her, so she drags his ass back to court for more child support. All because of sex.

Virgins have no clue about the overwhelming affects the body experiences when having an orgasm. But once you take a bite out of that apple, it’s a got to have it feeling. Can’t want you haven’t had.  Sex is the single most addictive experience a human being has.

A bunch of single guys, out at a bar. It’s human nature that springs into action when a group of women happen into the same bar. The mating ritual…I’ve seen alcohol loosen a lot of women’s inhibitions. That’s why there are steel partitions and doors in the ladies restrooms…so other can use the restroom while an inebriated woman is having sex in the next stall.

The mile high club. The backseat of a car. Doggie style in a dark corner of a parking garage The stop button on an elevator. Lookout points. Aqua intercourse. I know i’ve missed a few, but certainly you get the point. Certain foods are considered an aphrodisiac. We eat them.

People of all shapes, sizes, nationality have sex. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. And it ain’t over the top.



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It’s Monday morning. Torrential rains have washed away the pollen build up from the great but sneezy weekend weather. I am grateful…grateful for many things.


Keeping It Simply Simple (KISS) during the weekend

I relented from from a not so healthy relationship. (Quite yay.)

I finally cleaned out, boxed unwanted items, from all my closets. (A result of stick-to-itness for relationship escape)

Rode my bike, predawn, in lieu of pressing myself to run my distance, after a nite of Downton Abbey binging (4 episodes) with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Reserved ($$$) & homemade pasta & salad w/homemade sauce & dressing. (My inner chef) Sans the candles, table cloth & fine china.

Sunday nite, I made my to do list of things to do, people to call, appointments to make…long list, lots to do. Veterinary appointment, spa day for her and a much needed spa day for me. Maybe I can convince the Vet to give me a quick physical…that’s kinda creepy, better not. Garden center buy 2 ornamental trees, the yard needs more color…write in one of your blogs, it’s been way, too long. Find my creative juices, start blogging regularly.

It’s Monday.

Without Limits




The solitary thing in life that provides the soul with nourishment. It’s always there. It’s forever apart of our being. It gives us courage. It gives us power. It allows us to be proud. And at the same time it brings us to our knees. It can strip ones dignity. It can make a strong man weak. A rich man poor. Risk are synonymous, it’s the catalyst for altercations. 

Love is infinite. 

As babies we are born into a world loved by someone. A parent’s love will be the guiding measurement as a child grows and learns about life. A first love is exciting, breathe taking. A man in love will go through great lengths to captivate his heart’s desire. “It is better to have loved and lost…” 

Love is unmeasurable. 

The sayings; “I love you from the moon and back.”  “I love you more than I love myself…”  How much is a pound of love? You can’t choose your family-but you choose your spouse…’til death do you part. 


What is it like not to be loved? What happens to the soul? Does it die? Does the heart cease to beat? How do you stop believing in love? 



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check mate

I’m fortunate to have 3 invites for Valentine’s Weekend. All 3 invites for 3 days. From snow capped mountains to sunny beach in a tropical setting. Who knew, being a lone wolf would have so many benefits. It wasn’t an easy decision to go it alone. And it was even more difficult to decide which invitation to accept. But as I weighted my options, my thoughts fell upon the woman who has no invite, has had no promise of intimacy for months, even years.

Some women have put themselves on the shelf. They’re meticulous about everything, from where he works, how he walks, what he says…the list is endless. Having this gruesome thought of oblivion, I decided to seek answers to the question of why and how does this happen?

Men seem to have an easier time of getting a lay, having sex, getting a blow job, even without paying for it. It seems there is small segments of society (women) that are okay with casual sex, who don’t worry about how much he’s worth, how he walks…These women have a sex drive. Ah-Ha!!!  Therein lays the key to the why and how a woman can end up without sexual intimacy for months into years. The lack of drive and even denial of wanting it, feeling a need for it becomes a burden of chains. I spoke to one woman who says; “…just don’t think about sex anymore. I look at as something that other people do. It’s been sometime now and I figure it’s not for me anymore”



Not for you? Sex, engaging in sexual satisfaction is no different than eating, drinking water. The body needs food to sustain itself and water to hydrate. Otherwise we die. And without satisfying our sexual need a part of our soul dies. I’ve said this before; A virgin has no idea of they’re missing…but open that door, break that virginity and they’re going to want to have sex from then until the end.  Sex is not just about pro-creation, it’s a release of pheromones that make us feel better, relaxes us and it feels good to orgasm.  I don’t know a soul who’s had an orgasm that didn’t like how it made them feel. Masturbation is great! But there’s nothing like relinquishing control and enjoying the touch of another for a good ol’ orgasm.

So for all you ladies, who’ve given up on sexual satisfaction, get your ass back in the saddle. It’s that simple, like riding a bike. It’s Valentine’s Weekend you’ve got 3 whole days to find a friend FWB, bottle of courage, a sexy movie and engage your sex drive. You’ll be glad you did.

As for my invites, I chose the couple and snow capped mountain retreat. I’ll be her present…his present…and I’ll get to engage my sex drive.

Engage your sexual drive this weekend; find an old friend, a new friend. It’s hearts weekend…enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend            couple with hearts