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Today is my Happy New Year…more commonly known as my birthday day. Its the start of another year, a new year, filled with new promises of hope, happiness and resolutions. I usually resolve to do more (not necessarily good) on this day than the actual beginning of a new year. This, to me, seems more poignant than a stoke of midnight the last day of December. If I’m going to resolve to be a better person on the multi-levels of life, today is my special day and certainly has more meaning as I am a year older.

I’m more on point to keep my resolutions and not make foolish unrealistic goals that will fade in a months time. I am a Libra. I am a pragmatic Libra. I don’t have issues, as some do with making decisions. I set goals and go after them. I am, however, a Libra in it’s truest sense when it comes to weighing both sides. I am a sensual, sexual individual who enjoys a vast carnal knowledge. I’m a little different when it comes to who, when and where, it’s a sliding “scale” of the who, with whom and gender. Consenting adults; adults who mutually agree. If its not your cup of tea, I get that. But don’t rain on everyone else’s parade because you don’t get in to it. That I have an issue with. Which, if you think about it, is basically American society. Anything that is different from that is done within secret clubs and although the circle of participants is many, you’d be hard press to stumble upon one of these private places without an invite.

I’m a Libra and i live a double life. There’s the uninhibited me and there’s the lady that conducts business, shops, has lunch and is in mainstream society. I can keep a secret. I am, to this day, a keeper of many peoples secrets. This makes me an asset. And a portion of my resolve for today is to be a better asset.
I have a fairly decent life. I am able to enjoy a lot of things and I hope to continue to create the good karma that has gotten me to this wonderful, sacred plato.

Cheers! To my Happy New Year!