Blogging takes a commitment…I can’t count the days I’ve awakened and told myself; I’m going to blog today, it’s a priority. And by bed time I’m not in the creative flow. I’ve got followers, folks that I appreciate, who take the time to read my blog and my fans that email me with thoughts and questions about them or a friend who is dealing with a “situation”. To my credit, I do respond promptly to all emails–the good, the bad & the ugly.
It is my belief, and please don’t take this the wrong way, “opinions are liken to ass holes, every human has one”.

Relationships, on the other hand, aren’t as plentiful and are not a guarantee. Some are good at it. Some not so good. Those good at it seem to know the difference between a relationship and a partnership. A solid relationship can weather the bumps & bruises of a partnership. Relationships requires sacrificing yourself. Partnership needs compromise. If the relationship is based on love, the compromise is a natural progression.

Giving of yourself is a lot easier said, than done. I’m acquainted with a couple who seem to rock the partnership, but there’s no relationship. He’s constantly distracted with outside stuff…not just job but family and friends. He doesn’t realize that he’s smothering his relationship. All he see’s is; she’s there, he’s got dinner, his laundry, someone who listens to his woes of the day, doesn’t complain when he’s late and if she’s got an evening event, his dinner is neatly plated & wrapped for the micro wave, table is set with place mat & silver ware. And what he likes to eat is always prepared, he doesn’t realize she prepares a separate meal for herself. His birthday cards are comical, his Valentines Day cards are comical, his Christmas cards are comical. He doesn’t like to eat out, he doesn’t like to go to the movies, his friends consist of his mother, brothers and a guy 15 years older than he…

He’s got a great partner!! This lady has a fun personality, she’s out going and she seems content that she’s carved her self a life sans her relationship. I suspect deep down if you’d press her, she’d admit to wanting to break free from this partnership. They’ve been together for many years and that’s got to be the determining factor for her maintaining this partnership. She’s faithful and that to me is astonishing!! She’s older, in great shape, retired business owner who made a nice nest egg from the sale of her business. She’s attractive and fashionably dressed, even in tennis attire. A great sense of humor with a million dollar smile. You’d think she’d have a little something on the side, but nope.

Over drinks, as she told me her story, I asked point blank; no paramour? No. No paramour. It’s the path she’s been given and for whatever reason, she’s steady on the course. The relationship died a few years ago. There’s no physical. This brought tears to my eyes, and I ordered another round of Martinis. For all her pain, she’d just become my unsung hero. During our third round of drinks, she told me about her collection of battery operated toys…Gosh, I’d love to take her to one of my out of town parties or the adult club…Pandora’s box.

Build and maintain your relationship, they are precious and delicate. She’s got a happy life, but she ain’t a happy wife.