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What is it about FRIDAY? It invokes a sense of freedom, being able to chart your own course for 48 hours. Do you cram a bunch into those precious forty-eight? Take it slow, a picnic in a park, people watching? Cruise the highway for a quick road trip?
What will you do for your free forty-eight?
Least we not forget the working few that don’t get the tingles of TGIF. They’ll have to hit the alarm tomorrow morning as if it were Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. And if you work during the free forty-eight, when is your hump day? Hmm! Friday could be a hump day! We get so caught up on the Monday thru Friday grind, we often forget that there is a segment of the population that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about it being Friday, TGIF and having a free forty-eight.
If you’re one of these rovers, get me a shout. Tell a friend, have them give me a shout. I’d love to give a different perspective by next weeks TGIF. SO TELL A FRIEND, TALK TO ME.