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new year baby

With so many things boggling around in my head, on the final day of twenty-fourteen, I’ll end with short take. First I want to thank all my followers. I promised a better year but didn’t seem to deliver, according to my “stats”. You all liked a lot of what I did this year, however, twenty-thirteen was a banner year. You loved the subjects, enjoyed the contents. So alas, I’ll try to give you more of that…pardon my raunchieness, don’t hate the player, blame the game.

With onset of 2015 any thoughts to what you’d like to do to make it a better year?  Couples, consider a way to spice up your sex life. If you’re monogamous do something daring together, if you’re of the swinging crowd, find a new friend, sensually pleasure them. Singles, your possibilities are endless. Play the dating game on one of the online hook-up sites, erotic online chats can create a new sense of horniess, masturbation after a good chat makes for a great night sleep. Or if you’re privy to a hanky panky group, go to a key party. Most use hotel keys, most staying on the same floor, which makes for an extra special night.

There’s no need to be horny in 2015. Resolve to masturbate more. Don’t leave your desire for personal pleasure to others…who knows your hot spot better than you do…

Admission is 99% freeing. Admit to yourself something you like, dislike and own up to your admissions. I’ll start us off; I freely admit that I love performing fellatio…feeling that cock grow in my mouth is a turn on and for 2015 I plan to do it more in exotic places, more often. Liberate yourself, don’t let the societal prudes hold you hostage.

Going it alone ain’t all bad, I decided to do this early on during the year. It has proven to be a great decision. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m free to do, to come and go and lay where I desire. I’ve met some new, very interesting people and reconnected with a couple that I was totally wrong about, that I had met a few years ago.  I was worried that Santa wouldn’t drop down my chimney last week, because I had been a little naughty. I was propositioned by a married man at a business function. A little birdy told me he had a wager on having intercourse with me before the conclusion of the convention. I was intrigued by his sureness, but decided he’d lose the bet and go home broken-hearted.   The evening of the “big dinner” we’re all dressed to the nines, I set my plan into action. As luck would have it I’m on the elevator going down, it’s stops two-floor down and in walks Mr. Wager, all swag, confident and  smiling.  I return his smile, while thinking all systems go. Two floors later the door opens and 5 more finely dressed people get on making it a tight fit for the remaining six floors. He’s standing in front of me. I time it just before the bell dings, the door opens , I move closer to him, then brush my breast against his back grouped his ass, then quickly move to the left aound him and exit the elevator. I didn’t look back, I quickly walk over to a group of people I knew and engage in conversation, completely ignoring him. He walks past, trying to get my attention, I turn my head as not to make eye contact. The rest of the evening, dinner, the speeches, the applauses I can see him but I again avoid eye contact. When the band begins to play, I make my way to the exit heading for the lady’s room. I chatted with the lady’s room attendant, waiting for the room to clear-which it didn’t-gave her a nice gratuity to check outside the door for a tall man with a red bow tie…yep he’s there. I walked out and motioned for him to follow me and he did walking quickly trying to catch up with me. I headed to the stairwell, closed the door behind us, positioning myself between him and the door. With one hand on the door knob, I began to rub in crouch until it was no doubt where his penis was…he was firm in an instant. I put the pressure on using his pants and tidy whites to create just the right friction…he went for my dress…I opened my legs and he found my pantyless lips full and moist. He moaned when he stuck his finger between lips. I moved my hand faster as he tried to find a rhythm with his finger, but I kept moving away from me…he moaned again and whispered let me in, I moved closer and he slipped two fingers between my lips which were now very wet…he was harder than ever, I sensed he was close. I bent over making him think I was going to unzip and put my lips on his cock, but instead I applied a little more pressure, increasing the friction and felt warm fluid beneath his suit pants and tidy whites. As he moaned in ecstasy I opened the door and walk away.  I went straight to my room, asked the operator to do not disturb, departing the next morning for home. I heard through the grapevine he paid the bet…because he didn’t want the guys to know he’d come in his pants. Had he not made the bet, he could have had a hell of a blow job.

Happy New Year!! Eat Drink and have great sex.