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Before you go any further, stop and take a moment. That new guy or gal in your life…the one you met at the holiday party. Ask yourself this: Are we dating? Are we hanging out, just having fun? Are we FWB (friends with benefits)?  Is it serious? Long term? Short term?

These are things you need to figure out NOW!  In three short weeks it will be Valentines Day!  A little fore thought now could save you a lot of grief on February 14, especially this year. This year Valentines Day falls on a Saturday, which means the entire freakin’ weekend will be Valentines Weekend!!!  <cue music; dun-dun-dunnnn>   This will be more than a hearts and flowers Valentines Day. We’re talking Valentines Day on steroids!!!  <cue music again; dun-dun-dunnnn>  

This could mean an entire day of hearts and flowers activities, to include that romantic candle lite dinner. And to biggie size it, a whole weekend. Picking her up from work with that wheelie overnight bag, heading off to some romantic drive to a quaint little place, returning Sunday morning. This could take the relationship to an entirely new level.

Pull out your pad and pen, or your tablet, or whatever you need to figure out the pros and cons of that new person in your life. One day, no biggie, but a weekend is some serious shit.

On a positive note; a 2 night jaunt could be a good thing. Lots of sex! Morning wake up sex, which is my favorite, but that’s just me. There’s nothing like waking up, performing fellatio and after, enjoying a cup of coffee in bed while watching ESPN.

It’s nice to receive, but sometimes it can be rewarding to give…

Ladies I’d think you’d have a little figuring out to do, as well.  Is that new guy in your life someone you could spend a couple of nights with?  And if you haven’t performed fellatio, are you willing to surprise him with a “mind-blowing” (pardon the pun) performance?  I have never met a man who did not like head. Never!  Most guys are happy with the bj, but here’s a question; Swallow? Not to swallow?  To me it depends who the guy is, along with several other things. If I don’t swallow, I’m on that head until just before explosion, for the maximum effect  Men like the element of the unexpected bj, especially when they don’t have to hint at it, ask for it. And doing it unexpectedly in a place they’d never expect it is a “mind-blowing” (pardon the pun) down right toe tingling organism.  But I caution you, ladies, be mindful of where. Because unless you plan to swallow, it could becum a disastrous mess.  So consider that before you make your move to please your Valentine.

And before I tally off…

Gents, consider “sticky fingers” for Valentines Day.  I personally like it at a stop light, a quick in and out before the light turns green and the car behind us honks, or in the elevator, the parking garage…I don’t need to cum just a teaser will do.

Get busy…you’re only three weeks til Valentines Day Weekend!

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