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What happens to a man when he looses all lust?  Historically men are the most sexual of the two. Gay men are known for their lust and ability to “allow” extra-martial affairs, open relationships, one nite out with a fling.  Women, on the other hand, aren’t as pragmatic…most women. There are some who allow, and I use that word loosely, their husbands to engage in sexual intercourse with another woman, while she’s in the room and watching. Very rarely does the woman want to experience the “open” wife swap lifestyle. It’s generally the man who cautiously approaches the subject of this happy, go lucky life.  He’s the one who finds the places, sets it up and coasts her ever so gentle into watching another  woman give him a blow job, or him in foreplay.  This is the behavior we, society, has become accustomed to. We readily accept this. It is not, however, what society wants from a woman!

depressed woman

Most women are afraid to tell their husbands they’d like to enjoy the swapping lifestyle. They are fearful of being judged, being rejected and scorned by their husbands. Let’s face it, if more women felt free to exhibit their inner sexuality, the rate of divorce would drop and prostitutes would be in less demand. Being sexual, being a woman is a dirty word. Men want their wives to give them blow jobs, have annal sex and in general make them feel manly. Sex makes men feel accomplished, feel like manly men.  They have high sex drives and enjoy feeling their cocks getting hard. A horny man will masturbate, before he goes out for the evening, simply to take the edge off. A woman or wife on the other hand, wouldn’t think of masturbating before she left the house in order to enjoy the upcoming nite’s events a little more and definitely a little longer.  Masturbation in general, for women is infrequent. It’s sex with emotional attachment or nothing at all.

masturbating womanWhereas, if women masturbated more, they are less likely to want emotional attached sex. Women who masturbate freely, at will, with creativity are more prone to have sex, for the sake of having sexual intercourse, as a natural part of being a woman. There are some they masturbate freely with and for their husbands. For the most part, married women who masturbate do so when they are alone and he has no idea that his wife enjoys pleasing herself, regularly.  These women are not what society would call good wives, she’s not saving it for him. Which brings me to the man who has lost his lust.

There are husbands who have not had sex with their wives in years! These men may have physical ailments that don’t allow them to enjoy what men like to do. handicapp sexOften wives of these men are their caregivers and life has just bogged them down with doctor’s visits, medications and the inability to connect on a sexual level. Age, for men, can also be a contributing factor. He’s lost his zest! She’s never had that much interest in being sexual, performed it as a duty and now that he’s comfortable  to snore the night away in his leather loungers, she happy to have the bed to herself for most of the night. But. What happens to the woman who was afraid to tell him she wanted them to add zing to their sex life, adding a nite of swinging, or a visit to a sex club?  She had the missionary sex for 20 years, or more, he’s lost his manly man and has put sex on the back burner. Which as it turns out was a couple of years ago when he had missionary sex with his wife.  She’s still wanting sex! She’s got a secret stash in her panty drawer of dildos that vibrate and maybe even a butt plug, nibble clamps, essential oils…How does she tell her lackluster husband she’s horny for some wild sex? She fantasizes about being fuck by a man while she sucks her husband’s cock?  The kids are gone, empty nesters and all he does is watch Netflix!  She’s surfed the sites and she knows there’s a vast world of sexual fun and no way to get to it, unless she goes it alone.

Naked sexy woman silhouette lying at orange background

Gentlemen, are you taking care of business?  If you’ve lost your lust for sex are you depriving your wife of a life she deserves? There are just as many women on the Ashley Madison site as there are men. And if you’re not able to get is up, cunnilingus is the way to go! Get creative! Put the Netflix on pause, make your own movie, with that horny wife in the next room.

Lust is not lost, it’s there, you have to want it!


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